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What are the Girl Scout levels?

  • Daisy is Kindergarten – 1st Grade
  • Brownie is 2nd – 3rd Grade
  • Junior is 4th – 5th Grade
  • Cadette is 6th – 8th Grade
  • Senior is 9th – 10th Grade
  • Ambassador is 11th – 12th Grade

Want to find out what your daughter will do at each program level? Click here!

Who is leading my daughter’s Girl Scout experience?

Girl Scout troop volunteers undergo comprehensive training which enables them to conduct activities in a safe manner and make each girl feel secure in the troop environment. They often have daughters of their own in the troop. All have passed a background check and are required to follow stringent rules governing safety and supervision.

How often will my daughter’s troop meet?

Usually, troops meet for an hour or two, from once-a-week to twice-a-month. Many troops meet every other week. Other troop activities may involve longer time commitments, such as field trips and camp outs.

Are there Girl Scout activities available outside of a troop?

Yes! Your daughter can enjoy a one-day event, a multiple-session series, or go to weekend or summer camp. And many girls participate only in these events, series or camp as they are not members of a traditional troop. To view these council-sponsored events, visit our website,, under Calendars. You can register for activities online, too!

What is my daughter's responsibility to her troop?

Your daughter will need to attend and participate in meetings and outings. She will need to fulfill her obligation of troop dues and get permission slips signed by a parent or guardian. All girls are expected to reat each member of the troop as a sister, listen to others in the troop and show respect for what they are saying, respect troop volunteers and troop parents. All Girl Scouts are expected to ive by the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Most importantly though, she needs to have fun!

What is my responsibility to my daughter?

Make sure your daughter arrives and departs on time for all meetings and outings. Help your daughter fulfill her troop responsibilities (dues, permission slips, snack, uniforms, etc.). Step-up as a troop committee member, help her work on troop or individual activities and complete any missed activities. Notify troop volunteers in advance if your daughter will not be able to attend a meeting or an activity. Check with troop volunteers for any important news or paperwork that needs to be completed. Offer to help with communication to other parents. Give feedback to troop volunteers about your experiences in a positive manner. If issues arise, discuss them privately with the appropriate troop volunteer, not in front of the girls. Let your daughter know that you consider her participation in Girl Scouting to be important and special. Attend parent meetings, group activities and special ceremonies when asked by your Girl Scout or her leader.

Whom do I call if I have questions?

If your Girl Scout participates in a troop, contact the leader. If the troop leader doesn’t have the answer, or if the question concerns the leader, contact your area’s community membership manager.

How does my daughter’s troop earn money?

GSWCF offers two annual product programs – the Fall Product Program and our Cookie Program. Proceeds earned through these product sales can offset either all, or a large part, of the cost of Girl Scout activities (and relieve parents of this obligation, too!) Additionally, through the Girl Scout product programs, girls learn five key skills including goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics – skills they will continue to use all through their life! Troops may also participate in supplemental money earning activities but must participate in both council-sponsored product programs to do so. Supplemental activities must be approved by Girl Scouts of West Central Florida. For more information on supplemental earning, visit our website,, under Resources.

Do I have to buy a uniform for my Girl Scout?

Girl Scouts at each level have only one required element (Tunic, Sash or Vest) for the display of official pins and awards which will be required when girls participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement.

For girls in grades Kindergarten through 12th grade, the unifying look includes wearing a choice of a tunic, vest, sash for displaying official pins and awards, combined with their own solid white shirts and khaki pants or skirts. The elements can all be purchased in-person at our Girl Scout Stores in Tampa and Wildwood or online via our council's Online Girl Scout Store.

What goes where on my daughter’s uniform?

See the where to place insignia on a Girl Scout uniform by clicking here for a complete visual guide by program level. A couple of hints:

  • Some insignia come in iron-on format, but not all. Check and see before you iron them—non-iron-on awards will melt if they are ironed.
  • The insignia tab is a great tool. Membership pins can be placed onto it and then be removed easily when the uniform needs to be cleaned.

How can I help my daughter's troop?

Get involved! Become a registered Girl Scout and help support the troop! Girl Scouts is a team effort with leaders, girls, parents, and the community collaborating to help your Girl Scout build leadership skills.

Roles to make a troop successful:

  • Leader/Assistant Leader
  • Fall Product Program Coordinator (responsible for the Fall Product Program)
  • Cookie Program Coordinator (responsible for the Cookie Program)
  • Troop Treasurer (responsible for financial affairs)
  • Transportation (coordinate who will drive on field trips)
  • Emergency contact (available for volunteers and parents to contact in case of an emergency while the troop is on a field trip)

How do I become a Girl Scout Volunteer?

Whether you have an hour, a day, a weekend, or more, the energy you share with Girl Scouts will instill in girls confidence that will last a lifetime. There are many volunteer opportunities available to fit any schedule. Some volunteers work directly with girls, while others choose to work with adults in support of the Girl Scout mission.

Once you have reviewed the different volunteer opportunities available to you, you'll need to complete a volunteer application/criminal history screening.We'll then be in touch to discuss next steps.

How do I recognize an outstanding Girl Scout leader?

Our volunteers make the difference… and the strength of Girl Scouts comes from devoted adult volunteers who help all girls develop into strong, confident, capable women. To formally recognize a terrific leader click here. Leader Appreciation Day is always April 22, and it’s a great time to say “thanks” to your daughter’s leader in a special way like a hand-drawn card, special coffee mug or other memorable creation.

How can I change my contact information – like my home address, phone or email – to ensure I get important Girl Scout information?

To update your information, go to If you already have an account, simply use the log-in on the left and follow the directions to Edit Profile. If you need to create a new account, click on Create Login and follow the instructions.

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