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2021 Fall Product Program

Sweets & Treats

Sweets & Treats is one of two GSWCF-sponsored product programs. By participating, girls develop 5 key skills they will use throughout their lives: goal setting, decision-making, business ethics, people skills, and money management.

The Sweets & Treats Program Runs Every Fall

Girl Scout families and friends can support a girl’s troop by renewing their favorite magazines, subscribing to new ones, and ordering nuts and chocolate! 

Why Join The Fun?

The average troop earns nearly $200 in start-up money to fund troop activities that get their year started right! Plus, the items make cool holiday and teacher gifts. 

Want More Info?

Please email our product program team for information about how to participate in the Sweets & Treats program.

What you need to know for 2022

Important Dates

August 15:  Training begins for SU Sweets & Treats managers.

August 30: Training begins for Troop Sweets & Treats managers.

October 4:  Sweets & Treats Program begins

October 23: Last day for paper order entry and customers to choose Girl Delivery

November 11-14: Pick up nut/chocolate items

November 11-24: Girls deliver products and collect funds from customers

November 14: Last day for online magazine and direct ship orders

November 16: Last day for girls and troops to choose Girl Rewards

What's new this year?

Start raising funds early in the year for troop programs, trips and girl goals. Troops will receive a troop bonus of $10 for each girl who:

  • Activates M2 store front
  • Creates her avatar
  • Sends 18 or more emails through the M2 system
  • Completes by Oct. 18

The bonus will be distributed to qualifying troops the week of October 31 through an ACH deposit into the troop bank account. Use this opportunity to kick off your troop activities and begin planning your year!

We Listened to the Girls!

This year, we will be providing Program Credits as a reward credit! Check out the schedule of programs and events that girls can use their earned Program Credits for.


In order to participate in the Sweets & Treats program Girls and Volunteers must be registered for the 2022 - 2023 Membership Year. Renew today!