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Cookie Volunteers

With your help, girls can make their dreams come true with Girl Scout Cookies. They’ll learn five skills (goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, business ethics) for life while having a lot of fun along the way. This page will have everything you need to make your Cookie Season quick, easy, and fulfilling.

Troop Cookie Manager Trainings

This year's cookie manager training will be held virtually via Zoom and gsLearn. The Zoom trainings will be hosted live. Volunteers can choose the training that works best for their schedule.

To attend a Zoom training, click one of the dates below and register. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

After December 1, you can access the training in the gsLearn content library.  

Important Dates


Troop Cookie manager training via gsLearn. 

  • Jan. 3: Cookie program begins; First day girls/caregivers can access digital cookie
  • Jan. 16: Troop Starting Inventory Order (SIO) and initial reward order due
  • Jan. 18: Service Unit confirmation of SIO and initial rewards due by 11:59 p.m
  • Jan. 31–Feb. 4: Cookie Booth Scheduler rounds 
  • Feb. 5: Girls begin Cookies on the Spot, Lemon-Ups stands, and mobile booths
  • Feb. 5–7: Cookie delivery weekend
  • Feb. 9: Cupboards open (hours of operation vary by location) 
  • Feb. 18: Cookie booths begin; Bling Your Booth contest begins
  • Feb. 18–20: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
  • Feb. 23: First ACH sweep
  • Mar. 1: Bling Your Booth contest ends
  • Last day customers can choose girl delivery
  • Deadline for J/C/S/A troops to opt out of rewards
  • Mar. 9: Second ACH Sweeps
  • Mar. 5: Last day to request adding girls to eBudde
  • Mar. 11: Cupboards close
  • Mar. 13: Cookie program ends (paper and online sales)
  • Mar. 18: Last day for troop to enter final rewards, enter troop-to-troop transactions
  • Mar. 22: Service Unit lock-out at 11:59 p.m., submit final reward order
  • Mar. 25: Outstanding caregiver/parent information due
  • Mar. 30: Final ACH sweep

Rewards sent to service unit for distribution to troops.


Forms & Guides
Misc. Resources
Instructional Videos

Approving orders- This video shows you how to approve orders marked for girl delivery.

Initial login- This video demonstrates the steps required to log into Digital Cookie for the first time.

My cookie delivery settings- This video walks you through choosing the delivery settings for your Digital Cookie Site.

My Cookies Financials- This video covers how to review all cookies you received from your troop, all payments you've made, and any remaining money owed.

My cookie initial order- This video gives you a tour of the “my cookies tab” and shows you how to place your initial order.

My rewards- This video walks you through selecting your rewards

Site Setup- This video shows you how to set up your Digital Cookie storefront. 

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