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Bronze Award

Welcome to the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. As you and your team plan and complete your project, you'll meet new people and have the kind of fun that happens when you work with other Girl Scouts to make a difference. Download the Bronze Award guidelines to find out how.

Currently working towards your Bronze Award? Share with us what your troop is doing, or plans to do, for your project here.

When you volunteer to work with girls who are earning their Bronze Award, you'll help them to make a lasting impact in their community.


Take Action Webinar (for volunteers) Please refer to the following Take Action Webinar On Demand Booklet to accompany this webinar.

You can pursue your Girl Scout Bronze Award if:

You're in fourth or fifth grade (or equivalent)


You're a registered Girl Scout Junior


You have completed a Junior Journey and corresponding Journey Take Action project

Girl Scout Bronze Award Steps


Build your Girl Scout Junior team

Girls must work as a group on the Bronze Award. Your team can be your troop, more than one troop, or a group of friends.


Explore your community

Your community can be your town, school, church, park, neighborhood, etc. Think about the people, places, and things in your community that may have needs. What are the root causes or core issues of those needs? Who in your community would be able to help you address those needs?


Choose your Bronze Award project

Think about the ways you can address those root causes to help your communities needs. This will be your project. Think about the following: Who will I be helping? How realistic are our goals? How will we be able to see the changes we want to make? Why is this project important to us? Find something your group is passionate about!


Make a plan

How will you go about your project? Who do you need to talk to? What volunteers will you need? What supplies will you need? How much money will you need and where will you get it? How much time will your project take?


Put your plan in motion

Start Working on your project. Put your plan into action! Have fun working with your community and making a difference!


Spread the word

Turn in your final reports by September 30 of your 6th grade year that you bridge to Cadettes to receive your certificate and be officially recognized by council as earning your Bronze Award. Remember to include photos, copies of news articles, flyers, or any other documentation of your work. Celebrate your accomplishment! Have a special celebration with your troop or community.


Need some help? Contact Laurie Dever at or 813-262-1684