Dr. Barbara Bell, CAPTAIN U.S. NAVY (ret.) , is a remarkable woman whose life story is as inspiring as it is empowering. Growing up with dreams bigger than the skies of her small Michigan hometown, Barbara wasn't content just to imagine flying—she made it her reality, breaking barriers as one of the first women graduates from the U.S. Naval Academy and a pioneering aviator who played a crucial role in opening combat aircraft and ships to women.

Now, she dedicates her life to lighting the way for young women, especially in STEM, sharing the wisdom gained from her adventures in the air and academia. With a wealth of experience as a leader, professor, and author of "Flight Lessons: Navigating Through Life’s Turbulence and Learning to Fly High,"

Barbara teaches the importance of grit, persistence, and seeing the world from new heights. Recently named one of the American Society of Naval Engineers 30 Inspirational Women in Naval Engineering, STEM and Beyond , Dr. Bell holds a B.S. in systems engineering from the United States Naval Academy, an M.S. in astronautical engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School, an M.A. in theology from Marylhurst University, and a doctorate in education from Vanderbilt University. She is also a graduate of U.S. Navy Test Pilot School. Read her full bio here .

Dr. Bell is part of AstraFemina, an organization that is inspiring today's girls to be tomorrow's STEM stars!

Ora Tanner is an award-winning technologist, educator, researcher, and entrepreneur. She is CEO of Black Unicorn EducationTM, a technology education company whose goal is to “make tech make sense” for everyday people so they can make informed decisions that will help them thrive in a technology-driven society. Black Unicorn EducationTM provides learning experiences to help people understand artificial intelligence and other technologies in unique ways including an AI Education Comedy Show, pop-up workshops, Build-with-AI summer camps and even a card game!

Ora's work in AI education has been featured in Forbes, CNBCCBSEssenceEdSurge News, Orlando InnoTampa Bay InnoPurdue University and other media outlets. She has presented at numerous conferences, summits, STEM events, and served as an AI expert on diverse panels, including at New York Fashion Week. As part of her commitment to support women and girls through AI education, Ora has presented at Spelman College, the nation’s oldest historically Black, women's liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia; The Athena Society, Women Who Cyber Leadership and Empowerment Group, Ferrell Girls’ Preparatory Academy Middle School, and PACE Center for Girls.