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Please note: The trainings listed below are required for this particular pathway. However, other trainings may apply depending on the activity. Please contact the adult learning manager at (813) 262-1783 or (800) 881-4475, ext. 1783 if you have any questions.

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Are a volunteer

Girl Scouting 101

This course is required for all volunteers before starting a volunteer position and has been designed to convey the vision, values and goals of Girl Scouts. 

Are planning or accompanying the troop on a camping trip

Basic Outdoor Leadership Training

This course is required and provides basic outdoor instruction for getting girls outside and interacting with nature. You’ll receive lots of helpful hints for their first outdoor experiences and avoid some common pitfalls. This course should be completed 3-6 month before your camp outing.

Fee $17/Adult

Want to share your passion for archery with girls

Archery Facilitator Certification

This training will provide you with the skills necessary to facilitate an archery program for girls at one of our camp facilities. You will receive a National Field Archery Association (NFAA) certification. This certification is valid for three years.

Fee $40/Adult

  • Group setting at one of our camp properties. There is a minimum capacity of 6 participants required to conduct this course.
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Would like to hone your outdoor activity skills and instruct others in advance outdoor readiness

Advanced Outdoor Leadership Training

You will learn advanced outdoor cooking, troop readiness planning and preparedness for a successful advanced outdoor experience with girls. Understanding of risk management practices, Leave No Trace principles. Knife safety and care, knots and lashing, orienteering, compass and GPS. Tent and shelter use, trail markers and edible plants. Prerequisite: Basic Outdoor Leadership Training.

Fee $20/Adult

Would like to learn advanced outdoor cooking

Beyond the Basic of Outdoor Cooking

Experience cooking in a box oven, on a vagabond stove, using a buddy burner, on a stick, in a tin can, and in a Dutch oven.  You will leave with a few recipes, and your own vagabond stove, fire starters, or box oven

Fee $7/Adult

Want to use the kiln facilities in our camps

Kiln Certification

You will learn the stages of ceramics from green ware to glazed pieces. Pour molds and fire kilns. Participants can pick up pieces the next day from camp


Want to teach your Girl Scout or supervise boating activities for your troop

Small Craft Safety Certification

Develop the skills to self-rescue and assist others. Practice small craft safety emergencies. This course is for adults who are swimmers and are skilled in canoe or kayak handling techniques. You will receive American Red Cross certification in core skills for small craft safety and canoe, sailing and kayaking skills.

Fee $35/adult with book

$25/adult without book

  • Group setting at one of our camp properties. Canoe or Kayak offered separately. Participants are required to purchase a Red Cross small craft safety handbook if they don’t have one.
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Want to take Girl Scouts on trips into the wilderness, including hiking on the Appalachian Trail

Wilderness Training

This course is made up of three-stand-alone training sessions which can each be taken separately from each other, but in consecutive order. Certification requires the completion of all three

Cost to be determined by the location of the overnight trip

Want to travel with girls to remote locations

Wilderness First Aid/Level II First Aid

Learn how to handle common injuries when medical care is an hour away or more. Have an in-depth review of the handbook, as well as hands-on activities and scenarios to learn what to look for and what to do in the event of an emergency

Fee $55/adult - $60/adult if staying overnight at camp

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