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Troop Leaders

Whether it is your first year on the Girl Scout team or you are returning for some more fun, this is the place for you!

YOU are the core of many girls’ experiences in Girl Scouting, let’s make it rock, together!


Daises: Kindergarten + First Grade

There is nothing that shines quite like the excitement on a Daisy’s face as she heads through her first year in Girl Scouting. From forming those new friendships, to putting that first petal on her vest, a Daisy Girl Scout is full of energy and waiting for you to be a part of her journey. 


Brownies: Second + Third Grades

Brownies are ready to share their next big adventure with you! They are curious and confident and ready to take on the world. They are looking to explore new things with their Girl Scout friends and you, of course!


Juniors: Fourth + Fifth Grades 

Juniors are ready to make an impact! They are looking to take charge (with your motivating guidance) and start putting their big ideas into action. These girls know they will be future leaders and are ready to show the world! 


Cadettes: Sixth through Eighth Grades 

Cadettes are ready to make a difference. They want to form those lifelong friendships, figure out who they are and how they fit into the world around them. They are ready to let their voice be heard and take action to make it happen!


Seniors: Ninth + Tenth Grades

Seniors are ready to expand their horizons. They will tackle challenges that push their independence and big-time thinking to the next level. They are almost ready to spread their wings and fly with a little help from you.


Ambassadors: Eleventh + Twelfth Grades

Ambassadors know that they are making our world a better place. They know who they are, what they care about, and want to advocate it to the world. Their achievements could not be possible without a mentor like you.