National Council Delegates
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National Council Delegates

National Council Delegates

Looking for a unique experience in your Girl Scout experience? In October 2020, Girl Scouts from all over the world will assemble in Orlando, Florida.

Every three years, GSUSA holds its National Council Session, a convention, where policy is made, elections for the National Board of Directors and National Board Development Committee are held. The weekend then continues with G.I.R.L. 2020, a collection of activities, speakers, and numerous fabulous, fun and learning experiences are had, just for girls! Wouldn’t you like to the part of that tremendous experience?

The Impact of Being A Delegate By Anne Bauer

“For me, being a delegate was such a developmental experience. It was eye opening; I recognized that there were countless other Girl Scouts, both girls and adults, that cared as much as I do about the mission of Girl Scouting. I really enjoyed the parliamentary process throughout; we as delegates came together, discussed proposals, reflected on how other changes would affect all of GSUSA, and got to debate these topics. This was very cool!! Being a delegate for the 2017 National Convention was so much fun, and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this to anyone that is interested. Your knowledge of what you stand for, and the organization you are involved in, will increase dramatically. I grew to have an even deeper love for Girl Scouts through this wonderful opportunity!”

Anne Bauer

The application deadline was Jan. 31.  The GSWCF Board Development Committee is reviewing National Delegate applications and will present their 14 nominees, both girls and adults, to the board of directors in March.  These delegates must be voted in at the Annual Meeting on Apr. 25 and will represent our council in Orlando 2020.  Their job is to vote on all business items such as electing the National Board, amending the constitution, and acting on proposals. 

National Council Delegate position description

Contact Heather Navratil for more information.