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Recruiters bring more girls and adults into Girl Scouting to experience the fun! Recruiters also:


Plan and implement recruitment initiatives during back-to-school time at all elementary schools


Recruit and manage other volunteers to assist with fall recruitment initiatives


Assist External Recruiters (these are staff positions) in identifying potential troop meeting locations.

Support Contacts

Recruiters work with our Community Managers. Use our Service Unit Map to find both your service unit and CM.


Share That You're A Proud Girl Scout Family!

As a Girl Scout family, you can share your excitement with everyone. Select one of our images (Option 1 , Option 2, or Option 3)and add your own special message. 

Download All Three Graphics »

We have also added a Facebook Frame that proclaims "We're a Girl Scout Family" with your photo nestled inside a Trefoil. To add this frame to your profile, tap "Edit" on your Facebook profile picture and choose "Add Frame". In the search box, enter "Proud Girl Scout Family" and select the frame.

It’s a chance to share on your favorite social media site what you’re most excited about or looking forward to this year (and be sure to tag us so we can celebrate with you.) And, if you still have room in your troop, this is great way to get the word out and bring more girls to the join the fun!