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Juliette Coordinator

Being your service unit's Juliette Coordinator is a great way to work directly with girls and their parents!  Juliette girls experience Girl Scouting as an individual member, not as part of a troop.  This position is important for helping our Juliette’s to connect with other members through events, activities, and experiences they might otherwise not be aware of or feel they can attend. 

While working with Juliette Girl Scouts you would:


Create and coordinate a regular communication with the Juliette’s in the Service Unit, perhaps using social media, email, or other creative ways. 


Seek out opportunities within the service unit and GSWCF for Juliette’s to participate and promote their participation.


Provide dialogue and feedback to the SU and GSWCF regarding Juliette needs and experiences.

Support Contacts

Staff support for Juliette Coordinators are called Community Managers (or CMs). Use our Service Unit Map to find both your service unit and your CM.