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Featured Supporters

Our donors are so important to us. They recognize the importance of Girl Scouts in the community, and every month support Girl Scouting in west central Florida. Daisy's Cirlcle members are parents, caregivers, alumna, Troop Leaders, and even GSWCF staff! Read below to see why people like you are choosing to become members of Daisy's Circle.


Tricia and Suzie
Tricia and Suzie Smith
"Slaying Dragons in heels" 

15 years ago I brought my little girl, Suzie to a meeting about Girl Scouts.  I wanted her to grow into someone I knew she could be but I also knew I couldn't do it alone. I needed to surround her with other women in our community who she could be inspired by.

I never knew Girl Scouts would change me too. I remember when our community hosted a Baby Shower for a local Community Center. As girls were helping me get items out of my car one girl whispered to the other, "Miss Tricia could slay a dragon in heels."  WOW ! Best compliment ever! It was at that very moment I realized, I could slay a dragon and in heels no less, but only because I was a Girl Scout.

Today as part of West Wind community, we are slaying dragons by taking on challenges and leadership roles at the Camp Wildwood barn. We are part of Daisy’s Circle so another little girl and her adult can learn to slay their own dragons. But only in heels if that's their thing, because cowgirl boots are way more practical when dealing with horses (or dragons)!

Sheril McCray
"I don't have kids and I don't even like kids..." 

In 1993 the Connectional AME Church recommended that all local churches incorporate Girl Scouts and as a part of their outreach ministries because their missions and values were in line with the church's.  The committee at my church, St. Luke’s AME Church, asked me about volunteering and I adamantly declined saying "I don't have kids and I don't even like kids."   After about two years, observing the troops at church, I thought we could do better instilling the promise and law to the girls. Through my efforts, we are also the only church in our conference (Tampa, St. Pete & Lakeland) that has had Girl Scouts since 1993.

Fast forward over 20 years, I'm a Troop Leader and have held just about all the Service Unit positions from Service Unit Manager to Encampment Director to Cookie Manager and everything in between. I love seeing the girls grow and mature as they progress through the program and I am most proud of exposing the girls to new adventures that they probably never would have without Scouts.  Many girls in our troops come via financial assistance so: camping, sleepovers, gardening, yoga & dance classes, field trips both locally and out of state, and countless other activities would not be available to them without Scouts. Daisy’s Circle helps ensure these opportunities continue to be available for every girl in our community. 

April M
Helping the next generation find adventure... 

When I think back to my childhood summer memories, they are filled with adventures at Girl Scout summer camp - where I rappelled for the first time, learned to canoe, and expanded my confidence to try new things. As a Troop Leader and a Girl Scout Alumnae, I choose to support Girl Scouts through the Daisy Circle to ensure all girls in our community get this same opportunity - to build their character, confidence, and skill sets!

It taught me how to be a leader... 

As a young professional, I support Girl Scouts because it made me who I am today. From ages 4-18, my experiences in scouting taught me how to be a leader. Just 10 years out from receiving my Gold Award, I can already see how having those opportunities early on has positively contributed to my career success. I've continued to try to grow those skills, most recently through participating in a leadership coaching program as part of pursuing an MBA. By donating through Daisy's Circle, I can share those opportunities and experiences with the next generation of girls who will be leading us into the future.

It's a natural progression...

In my three years as a troop leader, I have seen our girls spend their first night away from home at camp, take their first shot on an archery range and even wake up next to a glass wall with a whale staring at them from the other side.  All of the experiential learning the girls receive builds their confidence, strengthens their character and has formed a bond between them over the years.

      As leaders and volunteers, we pour our time and our hearts into these girls.  It’s a natural progression for us to also support the organization financially.  Daisy’s Circle provided me with an easy way to give monthly, and to know that my funds are going to directly enable girls in our council to have a scouting experience.  These girls are our future leaders, so let’s enable them to reach their full potential!

Empowered Women Empower Women

I give to the Daisy’s Circle because I truly believe in “women supporting young women”.  As a proud Board member of the Girls Scouts of West Central Florida and participant in the amazing Camp CEO program, I hear first-hand the impact of having successful, professional women coming together to support this next generation of G.I.R.L.’s.  The girls I have met have inspired me to give and to be generous with my time, talent and treasure.  Giving to the Daisy’s Circle is a great way to support all the girls in this great program that fosters girl empowerment, leadership and the value of relationships.

Helen Stiles
Making the world a better place.

I have been involved with Girl Scouts for many years through my own involvement, my daughters, and now my granddaughters. I give through Daisy’s Circle because I want every girl who wants to be a Girl Scout to have the chance. Through Girl Scouts, they become independent thinkers and problem solvers and that is what we need to carry on our world. They don’t just think of themselves, but enjoy helping others. My troop goes to the Fort McCoy Veterans Village 3 times a year, bringing cards, cookies, and conversation to the veterans. It is a chance to show the veterans they are not forgotten and a chance for the girls to learn a part of history that they don’t learn in school. These are the unique opportunities that Girl Scouts gives girls, and by giving to Daisy’s Circle, I hope to give more girl access to these experiences. 

All girls should have a Girl Scout experience!

Scouting has been part of my life since childhood. I have been involved with Girl Scouts of West Central Florida since 2013. I have been both Troop Leader and have served on the Service Unit Team as Product Manager for three years.

I believe Girl Scouts provides opportunities and experiences to girls and young women that foster leadership skills, and team building, as well as activities that they might not attend otherwise and an overall feeling of being part of something great.

On a recent camping trip, I asked my troop why Girl Scouts is important to them. The answers came pouring out: friends they’ve made, the activities we’ve done and trips we’ve taken, being part of Veteran’s Day Parades, World Thinking Day, Coastal Clean-Up (yes, they actually had a good time picking up trash), and an overall sense of community involvement. While the list went on, these were some of the major themes.

I became a Daisy’s Circle member because I believe ALL girls should be given the opportunity to have these great experiences. The donations made to Daisy’s Circle, no matter the amount, helps to ensure no girl will be left out.

Building Girls of Courage, Confidence and Character Through a Father's Eyes

Girl Scouts viewed through Jimmy Barringer's eyes is a 'virtual real time'.

"Through my daughter, I’ve seen first-hand what benefits girls get from being a Girl Scout," says Jimmy. "She has had opportunities to do activities and attend events that she wouldn’t have had otherwise. She has a strong group of friends that have been in her life since Kindergarten and that becomes even more critical as she enters into middle school next year."

Her proud dad says, "She is confident, capable and passionate about environmental concerns and helping in her community and beyond."

As a GSWCF Daisy's Circle member Jimmy says, "Daisy’s Circle makes it easy to support Girl Scouts through an automatic monthly deduction. I get the satisfaction of knowing my monthly gift is benefitting girls who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the organization without worrying that that I might forget to send in money or a need to give a large sum up front."

If you have questions about Daisy's Circle, or would like more information, please reach out to Clara Moll.