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If you're looking to connect to the great outdoors, get more comfortable away from home, or try something new, our properties are the place to be! Spend some time in the water, fly on the giant swing, or hit the trails on horseback — your adventure awaits! 

Oh! Did we mention you can hold your troop meetings at camp?! What a fantastic way to infuse your meetings with environmental stewardship and cultivate a passion for the great outdoors in your troop members. Learn more and apply.

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Camp Dorothy Thomas

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Properties Department

    Staci Bush, Outdoor Program and Properties Admin Assitant 813-262-1806

    Lynne Mantz, Director of Properties 813-262-1777

Camp Indian Echo

    John Neal, Camp Indian Echo Ranger 954-445-6311

Camp Dorothy Thomas

    Steve Huegel, Camp Dorothy Thomas Ranger 989-708-5000

Camp Wai Lani

    Justin Rose, Camp Wai Lani Ranger 813-758-4591

Camp Wildwood

    Courtney Hatch , Camp Wildwood Ranger 813-417-5467 x2005

    Mark Walls, Camp Wildwood Assistant Ranger

    David Schwartz, Camp Wildwood Barn Manager

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