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Camp and Outdoors

You live in a world of screens—smartphone! laptop! TV! tablet!—and sometimes you just want to get away from it all. We get it. That’s why you can focus your whole Girl Scout experience on getting outdoors.

You’ll develop the kind of outdoor skills it’s hard to get anywhere else. Skills like building a campfire, pitching a tent, or canoeing across a lake.

Hey, how about adding some horseback riding, rock climbing, and archery to the mix? Round things out with a ropes course, some zip lining, and maybe a week-long back-country trek, and you’ll find out how much fun it can be to unplug and explore the world around you.


Here are just a few Girl Scout camp experiences for you to check out:

Summer Camp is for girls in kindergarten and above, with different options to fit all girls experience levels and interests! We offer a variety of different Day Camps, Overnight Camps and Travel Camps during the summer. Our 2017 Summer Camp Registration will open Feb. 1, 2017 - check our summer camp page for more info.

Troop Camping includes girls in kindergarten and above, and typically lasts for two days and one overnight. Troop camping is a year-round camping experience, planned and carried out by a group of girls and their leaders at a council property or council-approved site. Check out our properties.

Travel Camping is for experienced girls and adult campers. The group travels from one site to another on foot or via motorized or non-motorized transportation over a period of three or more nights, staying at different campsites along the way.

Outdoor Resources for Volunteers

Check out these videos and other resources to help make getting outdoors even more rewarding—and fun—for both girls and volunteers.