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Council Patch Programs

Through council patch programs, girls are able to connect with their community on a whole new level! Girls will be able to develop new relationships with local organizations and learn all about what their communities have to offer!  

Each program has a list of requirements and once girls have completed the project - they earn an awesome new patch!

Looking for more information? Want to order patches? Sure!

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Featured Patch Programs:

Good Turn Day - D, B, J, C, S, A

GSWCF has partnered with the Salvation Army for the 2019 Membership Year Council Wide Cause. This year, troops can participate in a “Good Turn Day 2019” to benefit their new Women’s Rehabilitation Program at The Salvation Army Tampa Adult Rehabilitation Center by collecting usable clothing and small household items and then enjoy a patch and a pancake breakfast!

Cost: Patches will be distributed at each county’s Salvation Army celebration breakfast on March 16, 2019.  Please use the forms on the participation flyer to report your donations and register for the breakfast. 

Funstronomy - D, B, J, C, S, A

Discover astronomy through the Funstronomy patch program designed for all levels. Connect with the equipment available at GSWCF camps and beyond. Take Action to share astronomy with others and make the world a better place.

Cost: $2.00 each, GSWCF Store

Patch Programs:  

Attitude of Gratitude! - D, B, J, C, S, A

Discover the meaning of gratitude and appreciation, how to apply gratitude and appreciation in your and others lives, and how to show appreciation to the volunteers who help make Girl Scouting AWESOME, including nominating volunteers for Girl Scout Adult Awards!

Cost: Patches are free for members of GSWCF; patches 
for members of other councils are $1.00 each.  Order Here, while supplies last.

Conservation Champions - B, J, C, S, A

Environmental stewardship and wildlife conservation education inspires girls to take leadership in their communities to promote a better world. The Conservation Champions patch encourages girls to explore how learning about the environment helps them to develop leadership skills, explore careers, discover how their actions can impact the planet, and learn how to identify and solve problems in their communities.

Cost: $2.00 each, GSWCF Store

Florida Manatee - B, J, C, S, A

Protecting our environment and preserving it for future generations is a duty we all share. Manatees, endangered marine mammals, will not survive without the concern and awareness of people who share their habitat. The purpose of this program is to inform and encourage public awareness of the dangers facing the Florida manatee.

Cost: $2.50 each, GSWCF Store

Girl Scouts Global Action - D, B, J, C, S, A

The Girl Scouts Global Action patch is an exciting and enriching way for Girl Scout Daisies through Ambassadors to participate in realizing the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals which aim to reduce extreme poverty and impact major world concerns by 2015. The alliance between WAGGGS and the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals embraces WAGGGS’ mission of empowering girls and young women to develop to their fullest potential as engaged and responsible global citizens. 

Cost: $3.00 each, GSWCF Store

HART Transit Patch Program - D, B, J, C, S, A

How do you get around town? HART (Hillsborough Area Regional Transit) is helping girls discover available transit options in the community, experience how to connect with public transit, and become a transit advocate by sharing your experiences. This patch must be earned as a troop.

Cost: Patches are available for free from HART, while supplies last (not available through GSWCF Stores or Resource Center). Once your troop completes the program requirements, fill out the form on the last page of the requirements above, and submit to HART Community Relations to obtain your patches.

Hispanic Heritage - D, B, J, C, S, A

Hispanics are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population. Discover how many Hispanics are living in your county; learn about the Hispanic influence in Tampa and develop awareness and appreciation of diversity.

Cost: Patches are free, while supplies last. Order here.

Make Freedom Count - D, B, J, C, S, A

Learn the history of voting in Florida and earn the Make Freedom Count Patch by completing at least two activities from Discover, Connect and Take Action.

Cost: $2.00 while supplies last, GSWCF Store

Organ Donation Awareness - D, B, J, C, S, A

Organ, eye, and tissue donation gives people a second chance at life. One organ donor can save as many as eight lives. One organ, eye and tissue donor can save and heal more than 75 lives. Girls who earn this patch will learn about organ donation and how it saves lives as well as have opportunities to promote organ donation awareness.

Cost: Patches are available for free from LIFELINK, while supplies last (not available through GSWCF Stores or Resource Center). Once your troop completes the program requirements, please e-mail a photo or description of the activities completed to the LIFELINK Coordinator listed on the patch requirements page to obtain your patches.

Reading Diva - D, B, J, C, S, A

Read more to earn more. How long will your caterpillar be? 

Cost: Head Segment/$1.25 each, Body Segment/$1.00 each, Set of 1 head and 4 body segments/$5.00 each, GSWCF Store

Reader Leader GSWCF Council Wide Cause D, B, J, C, S, A

Join in GSWCF’s Council Wide Cause for promoting reading and literacy in the community. Girls will discover their inner storyteller, learn about illiteracy in their community, and Take Action by planning a reading event or book drive.

Cost: Patches are free in the Resource Center, while supplies last.

SUN Patch Program - D, B, J, C, S, A

Are you ready to learn more about solar energy and the positive impact it can have on the community and the environment? Solar United Neighbors has developed a SUN Patch Program for Girl Scouts of all ages where they can learn about how solar works, discover solar energy at work around them, and become solar ambassadors to help grow solar in their communities.

Cost: Patches are available for free from Solar United, while supplies last (not available through GSWCF Stores or Resource Center). Please follow the instructions at the end of the Patch Program to obtain your patches.