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You're invited to join the world of Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouts is a way of life that brings out the best in your girl, even in the most challenging of times. While she’s learning about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); the outdoors; entrepreneurship; and important life skills, she’s also discovering new ways to make your family and community stronger, kinder, and better for everyone. Plus? Girl Scouts is FUN!

Your girl can participate in Girl Scouting in a variety of ways: in a troop, on her own as a Juliette (an individually registered member who isn't part of a troop), or through camp and event experiences. These Girl Scout experiences can take place virtually or in-person, as often as fits your family's schedule. 

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Our Parent Guide has information for families new to Girl Scouts!

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A support specialst can you help you find openings in your area.

Learn about starting a troop for your girl and other Girl Scouts!

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Check out all the different ways to take the lead at Girl Scouts.

Learn more about the experience at each level of Girl Scouts from K-12.

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Now that you are officially a Girl Scout family, you can share your excitement with everyone. Select one of our images (Option 1 or Option 2) and add your own special message.

We have also added a Facebook Frame that proclaims "We're a Girl Scout Family" with your photo nestled inside a Trefoil. To add this frame to your profile, tap "Edit" on your Facebook profile picture and choose "Add Frame". In the search box, enter "Proud Girl Scout Family" and select the frame.

It’s a chance to share on your favorite social media site what you’re most excited about or looking forward to this year (and be sure to tag us so we can celebrate with you.)