Girl Scouts of West Central Florida


Voting Members of the Council are convened at the council’s Annual Meeting and special meetings of the corporation to elect the board of directors and board development committee, and National Council delegates/alternates as appropriate, in addition to approving council bylaws and articles of incorporation.  Voting members of the council include the board of directors, the board development committee, the delegate body and the chair of each area association.

The Board of Directors consists of community volunteers elected at the Annual Meeting by the voting members of the council. The board may include two non-voting girl members age 14 and above (grades 9-12). The chief executive officer serves ex officio as a non-voting board member. The board establishes policies to ensure the integrity of the organization.

The Board Development Committee is elected by the voting members of the council to prepare and present a single slate of nominees to be considered for election to the board of directors, board development committee and every three years, as National Council delegates and alternates.

The Delegate Body consists of members age 14 and above (grades 9-12) and adult volunteers elected in their service units or area associations.

Area Associations are geographic governance divisions within the council jurisdiction, comprising all members age 14 and above within that area.  Per the bylaws they meet at least twice annually to give input to the voting members of the council regarding governance issues. Click here to read a summary of the questions and feedback compiled from the Fall 2012 Area Association meetings!