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Brownie Troop Learns About Nutrition

Posted on Mon, Dec 9 2013 3:00 pm by Danielle Rein

During the holiday season it can sometimes be difficult to remind ourselves of the importance of nutrition with all the tempting, delicious treats everywhere we look. Brownie Girl Scout Troop #968 picked the perfect time to visit Sweetbay Supermarket to gather some helpful tips and lessons as they completed their GS Nutrition is in a Bag patch program on Nov. 20. The girls had a blast as they learned essential healthy living skills; check out the pictures below! To learn more about the Nutrition is in the Bag patch program, click here.

Brownie Troop #968 with Sweetbay store manager.


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(1) On December 12, 2013, Angela Brigato - Troop Leader said:
The girls had a GREAT time thanks to manager, John Stickles. He did a fantastic job with the girls and made them laugh at every corner. Not only did the girls earn their Nutrition is in the Bag GS patch, but they also completed steps towards their My Best Self and Snack badges!

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