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A more flexible way to be a Girl Scout – today!

Most people think Girl Scouts can only be in a troop, but did you know that there are six different ways to be a Girl Scout? Do what you want to do, when you want to do it and benefit from the excellent quality of the Girl Scout Leadership experience – but in more flexible ways that fit your schedule.  A girl (or adult, for that matter!) can enter/experience any pathway at any time; one at a time, or a few simultaneously – it’s up to you!    

  • Camp – Like to learn more about nature and the environment? Hike? Bike? Canoe? Come camping with us. You can choose to camp by day or overnight. (Short-term) Join our Camp Pathway!
  • Events – Maybe you have more than one passion. Maybe you love horses and Web design and photography. If so, you can attend multiple half- or one- day events throughout the year and learn about what interests you most. (Short-term) Join our Events Pathway!
  • Series – Love dance? Chess? The environment? Lots of other girls do, too. Why not explore your interests together in a way that fits your schedule? (Short-term) Join our Series Pathway!
  • Travel – Pack your bags - Girl Scouts are going places! Whether you choose to travel across town or around the world, the adventure will stay with you forever. (Long-term: 12-24 months) Join our Travel Pathway!
  • Troop – Join a troop and meet regularly with other girls to participate in exciting activities, make a difference in your community and have lots of fun! (Long-term: 9-12 months) Join our Troop Pathway!
  • Virtual – Girl Scouting via the Internet? You bet! Become a virtual Girl Scout and participate in exciting interactive activities with girls across the world. (Short-term) Coming soon!

Whichever Membership Pathway(s) you choose, we are excited you want to be a part of Girl Scouts – the leading organization for girls in grades K-12. 

Not a Girl Scout? Not a Problem!

For camp, events, travel, series, or virtual pathways: To join any Girl Scout Membership Pathway, simply go to our Online Registration System, pay a one-time annual fee of $15 and you will become a Girl Scout! Then you can find upcoming events and sign up for any experience at any time! It's that easy!

Join a camp, events, travel, series, or virtual pathway 
Join a troop
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