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Adult Awards

2021 Adult Award Honorees

Girl Scout of West Central Florida places a high value on recognizing members who make a difference in the lives of girls and adults. Adults join Girl Scouting to be of service to girls. They offer their time, talents, and skills to girls and adults across the council. The earned recognitions below provide a means with which to acknowledge individuals for their service and impact. 

Be sure to check out this year's Adult Award Ceremony Program and our past award honorees.  

President's Message
Laura W

Welcome to the 2021 Girl Scouts of West Central Florida Adult Awards season. Congratulations to the amazing members who are being recognized this year for their service and dedication to the Girl Scout movement, our council, and fellow members.

We are thrilled to honor all of you who have given so much to our organization. You are the pacesetters, the people who push the rest of us to be our best. Because of you, we want to do more and do better. We see in you the best version of ourselves. We are all in this together, but without so many of you leading by great example, we would surely fall short in our mission—to build girls of courage confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

You are outstanding examples of the values within Girl Scouts. You strive to make a difference for that one girl out there who needs Girl Scouts and, without you and your efforts, wouldn’t be able to discover, connect, and take action, or experience something new and realize her potential.

2020 & 2021 has taught us some valuable life lessons, including how the most important things in life are the connections with others that we make along the way. For many of us, our Girl Scout friends are more like family. From an early age, Girl Scouts learn about friendship, life skills, and making a difference, and the adults sitting next to them learn those same lessons and even more. I’d like to think that the world is a better place because of all of you.  

Thank you for CHOOSING to be a big part of, and spend time with, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida.

Yours in Girl Scouting,

Laura Webb


  • Heart of Gold
  • Trefoil Award
  • Appretiation Pin
  • Honor Pin
  • Thanks Badge
  • Thanks Badge II
  • Years of Service PIn


 The Heart of Gold Award

The Heart of Gold Award is Girl Scouts of West Central Florida’s council award to honor registered members who perform outstanding service above and beyond expectations both in Girl Scouting and for another organization. The award requires at least three nominations, with at least one being about their outstanding service to Girl Scouting and at least one being about their work for another organization, in addition to having completed the appropriate training for their position.

Suzanne Bredbenner
Suzanne Bredbenner_

Suzi is an invaluable member of Girls Scouts of West Central Florida. She is a mentor to new leaders, volunteers countless leadership hours to a volunteer led training event Showcase of Skills/Camp Greenbloods, and serves as a trainer for many outdoor skills for our council. As an advocate for volunteerism, Suzi is also a Kiwanis volunteer. She is currently on the Board of Directors, Greater Brandon Kiwanis Foundation. Suzi previously served as President, Past President, and Lt. Governor, and serves on the scholarship, membership, and fundraising committees. Her involvement in the schools in the Brandon, Riverview, and Ruskin area includes assisting with the food pantry at Gibsonton Elementary, and is a sponsor of the Terrific Kids Program. 

Deborah DeCan
Deborah DeCan

Deb is the type of volunteer that is hard to find. She is the service unit manager for Beautiful Waters and is an excellent role model for all the adults in her service unit. She helps plan, prepare, and run all of their events. Of course, there is clean up afterward, and she is there for that, too. During the difficult year of 2020, Deb planned, prepared, and facilitated virtual badge programs for Brownies and Juniors. Working with several other service units, she helped to create and promote the North Pinellas Scavenger Hunt Patch program. In addition to all the work she does for Beautiful Waters, Deb is a Sunday school teacher. Her interactions with her students and their parents are encouraging and filled with love and joy.

Patricia Fry
Patricia Fry

When it comes to volunteers in our local community, Patty Fry is sure to be on that list! It’s fair to say “reach out to Patty Fry-she will guide you!” Patty has volunteered in everything Girl Scouts, elementary, middle, and HS PTA/PTSA, HS band and so more! Patty has been an active member of the Newsome High School Marching Band and Indoor Percussion Boosters since 2011, having all four of her children participating in the program. She serves as their fundraising chairperson. As a troop leader of two troops she has given great advice and is very in-tuned to each scout and what strengths and weakness they have. It’s leaders like Patty that make our Girl Scout community and our neighborhood community a better place to be and live.

Kimberly Kirzirian
Kimberly Kizirian

Kim is the volunteer that Smiling Sisters could not do without. In addition to leading a vibrant older girl troop, she is active in her service unit events and programs. She has taken on the lead in managing the service unit Zoom meetings, allowing the service unit manager to run the meetings effectively and efficiently. She is an avid recruiter of both girls and adults, and shares her wealth of knowledge and support wherever it is needed. Kim’s service to her community ranges from the Humane Society to tutoring children in and outside of Hillsborough County. She has provided tutoring and mentoring to these young people virtually since the pandemic began. Her guidance to students who are e-learning 

is invaluable.

Candy McCloud
Candy McCloud

Candy is a mentor for a high school Take Stock in Children Program. This program provides mentors for children that may have risk factors that could prevent them from becoming academically successful.  Her efforts have contributed to successful outcomes, and will have a long reach into the future. Candy is a troop leader and awards chairman in Beautiful Waters Service Unit. She is quick to lend a hand for any project in the Service Unit, and has awesome management skills. Candy is the perfect example of G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, and Leader)™, sharing her knowledge and skills with the girls. She truly is helping her girls become young women of courage, confidence, and character, and they will make the world a better place.

Donna Donati-Waddell
Donna Donati-Wadell

Donna is on the Board of Directors of Elisa’s Greatest Wishes non-profit. This non-profit is named in memory of a sister Girl Scout, and raises money for charities in North Pinellas and beyond. Elisa’s Greatest Wishes benefits girls in Wai Lani, Gulf Sands, Beautiful Waters, and Crystal Waters Service Units and Camp Wai Lani itself. Over $23,000 in scholarships have been awarded to girls from that area. Donna helps her troop along with girls from troops in the surrounding area to facilitate the Elisa’s Greatest Wishes 5K with raises thousands of dollars each year to benefit the many programs it supports. She really pours her heart and soul into everything she does.

Christina (Mandy) Zeledon-Dumas
Christina Zeledon-Dumas

Mandy works a full-time job and has five children. That is enough to keep anyone busy, but Mandy’s compassion, giving, and loving personality won’t allow her to stop there. She has a terrific Girl Scout troop in Sand Eagles Service Unit. Mandy makes sure that each girl receives individual attention and that her individual needs are met. She is always willing to make sure every girl has transportation to and from meetings at events and meetings. Mandy makes sure that every girl is included, stays safe, learns, and has fun at meetings. Mandy is the president of the PTSA at Quail Hollow Elementary and is involved at Cypress Creek Middle School. She truly has a Heart of Gold.


 The Trefoil Award in Memory of Linda Scott

The Trefoil Award in Memory of Linda Scott, a GSWCF council award, is presented in honor and memory of Linda Scott, a long time staff member of Girl Scouts of West Central Florida. Her love of the girls, volunteers and council staff led to the requirement of at least one nomination from each of those groups for consideration for the award. All recipients must also be registered members who have completed appropriate training for their position and have provided outstanding service to Girl Scouting.

Julie Ross Albaugh
Julie Ross Albaugh

Julie serves on the Wai Lani Service Unit as troop consultant, event director, and high award consultant. She is also a volunteer for the March of Dimes, Pinellas County Schools, and Dunedin Marching Band. Julie is a council delegate and a member of Council’s Product Advisory Committee. Julie assists in recruiting for the service unit establishing multiple Daisy troops and mentoring new leaders. Julie has been a beacon of girl empowerment with Girl Scouts for many years. She has taught girls that they have the power within themselves to accomplish any goal. She has allowed the girls to make and learn from mistakes while figuring out necessary solutions. This allows their confidence to grow and gives them the fortitude to continue trying no matter what obstacles get in the way.

Diana Allen
Diana Allen

Diana leads and assists five troops, as the service unit recruitment manager for PALS, serves on the camping committee, is a delegate, and mentors girls seeking High Awards. Diana always makes sure that the girls come first. Even though she does not have any children in Girl Scouts she has still provides an opportunity for many girls to be a part of Girl Scouts. She is a prime example of Girl Scouting. She utilizes the lessons in the Promise and Law to girls and adults, taking on new challenges and coming up with new ideas. This year, she helped bring the idea of new girl welcome packets to Polk County, where each newly registered girl receives a welcome packet full of activities, helpful information and Girl Scout swag.

Alice Benefiel
Alice Benefiel

Alice is a troop leader, mentor, service unit helper, and council trainer. She serves the council by being a BOLT, Advanced Camp, Archery trainer and council New Leader Coach. Alice organized a Sandpiper Service Unit cleanup in which the girls collected more than 40 lbs. of trash! During the onset of the pandemic, Alice reached out to other leaders who struggled with virtual meetings and invited those troops to attend her virtual meetings. Alice has a love of Girl Scouts that is evident. She exemplifies all characteristics of a great leader and role model for young girls. She has confidence and brings an enthusiasm that is contagious. She motivates, delegates, empowers, and inspires others and is positive in her interactions with the girls. She is committed and passionate about what she does with, and for the girls she leads.

Susan Campbell
Susan Campbell

Susan started a Daisy troop in 2009 and continues to lead this troop 12 years later with 13 girl scouts. Her commitment has led girls to complete their Gold Award in 2021. Susan’s troop members have been camp counselors for Coacoochee encampments. Her troop taught younger girls about S’mores and campfire safety. Susan is a lifetime member, Gold Award recipient, and long-time troop leader. She is a great example of how, “Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout” is a reality. She continuously gives back to build girls of confidence, courage and character who make the world a better place.

Tammy Clohessy
Tammy Clohessy

Tammy is the Angel Echo Service Unit Fall Product and Cookie Manager. She is a Brownie and Juliette Consultant. Tammy trained numerous leaders for their cookie training when gsLearn had technical glitches for some members. Tammy mentored her girls earning their High Award which benefited Camp Indian Echo, by building five utility tables for each camping unit, plus they added 6x6 poles at archery with sails attached to provide shade. Tammy led all Juliette Girl Scouts in selling cookies this year-new in the Angel Echo Service Unit. She is known for her organizational skills, attention to detail, trustworthiness and ability to work with everyone.

Shelby Hanna
Shelby Hanna

Shelby serves GSWCF as a BOLT trainer, mentoring other volunteers who want to take their girls camping. Shelby has helped enhance the mission of GSWCF is by volunteering to record Family Partnership PSA’s. Shelby is a lifetime Girl Scout and Gold Award recipient. After graduation, Shelby became a leader and soon after she joined the service unit team as a co–encampment director. Shelby is very passionate about Girl Scouts. When she realized that Coacoochee was not meeting their Family Partnership goal, she volunteered for the vacant Family Partnership Champion role and in her first year she met that goal. Shelby also serves as a delegate for Coacoochee and inspires girls in the service unit to become delegates as well.

Sierra Hover

Sierra assists Split Pines by planning events, mentoring girls working on their Silver and Bronze awards, and coordinating encampments and cookie rallies. She is also a council trainer, teaching other leaders BOLT and Pocket Knife Safety. Her work as a cookie rally trainer benefits our Girl Scout movement and she is a terrific role model for young adults to volunteer to serve Girl Scouts, impacting the next generation of leaders. She has been the driving force behind many highly successful encampments that have inspired girls to participate in scouting and start their own projects within their own troops.

Sarah Johnson
Sara Johnson

Sarah is a troop leader, service unit manager, event and encampment coordinator, product sales manager, family partnership coordinator, recruiter, and adult awards coordinator for Angel Echo. Sara helped the service unit product manager with the cookie rally this year. Since they could not do an in-person cookie rally she helped assemble rally bags for girls. Sara always encourages leaders, provides support and guidance, and takes the time to listen to problems or concerns. She ensures girls and leaders have a positive, enjoyable and safe experience. Her leadership and positive energy guides troop leaders and girls to be successful. 

Jennifer Lawton
Jennifer Lawton

Jennifer researches, assists, and promotes virtual programming opportunities for all girls in Whispering Pines Service Unit. She helps with recruitment, product sales, and encampments. She mentors leaders and girls, is a troop consultant, and helps manage conflict resolution for struggling troops.   Jennifer worked with a troop that was having issues with leadership. The girls in the troop had to be divided between three troops. Jennifer provided guidance to the girls in the troop about the benefits of continuing in Girl Scouts, gave them information about future programming and potential travel experiences, and overall program benefits resulting in the continuation in the Girl Scout program. Jennifer is instrumental in helping many troops navigate through cookie season and beyond!

Carol White
Carol White

Carol is a longtime volunteer, mentor, troop leader, and co-service unit manager for Wai Lani. Carol provides outstanding support to new leaders by providing assistance with administrative duties and one–on–one support to new and existing leaders. Carol performed new leader orientations and ongoing help to ensure all leaders feel welcomed and supported. She took over several troops when a leader was not available to ensure the continuation of troops. Carol provides extraordinary program opportunities and serves as a mentor to other leaders. Carol is very dedicated to the enrichment of every Girl Scout. There are a very few leaders that put their troop needs ahead of their own or their own child but Carol does without hesitation or question.

Christa Vail
Christa Vail

Christa is a trainer for outdoor programming which includes BOLT, Advanced Camp Training, and Advanced Outdoor Cooking. She also manages the delegates in her service unit, mentors girls seeking higher awards, and serves as the service unit trainer for new leaders in West Wind. Christa is an extraordinary resource to girls who are earning their Gold Award and is a consistent source of support. She lends her professional knowledge and expertise to girls while respecting their efforts and helping them to thrive and succeed. Christa has served on many committees at the local and council level. She served as Area Association chair for many years and encourages girls to take the lead in their service units to serve as delegates. Christa is also a National Council Delegate.


 The Appreciation Pin

The Appreciation Pin, a National Girl Scout Award, is awarded to registered adult members who have completed the appropriate training for their position, have delivered outstanding service to at least one service unit, geographic area, or program delivery audience, and have received two nominations outlining that outstanding service.

Appreciation Pin Honorees

Sarah Aldrich, Wai Lani

Marie Anderson, Sand Piper

Lisa Bloom, Crystal Waters

Jocelyn Boswell, Crystal Waters

Christa Broderick, Tierra del Sol

Sarah Carroll, Crystal Waters

Crystal Crist, West Wind

Alexandria Davies, Boca Ciega

Jennifer Dixon, Sand Eagles

Laura Dufort, Wai Lani

Shelia Eakes, Whispering Pines

Erin Ellis, Beautiful Butterflies

Kristen Emerson, Smiling Sisters

Winifred Fowler, Lil Manatee

Carrie Gentner, Fossil Valley

Saundra Harkey-Young, Fossil Valley

Noelle Herrman, Coacoochee

Beth Hunt, Spring Mermaids

Cathi Kessel, Angel Echo

Lindsay Kamenker, Joining Rivers

Jessica Kizilelma, Whispering Pines

Angelique Lewis, Fossil Valley

Stacy Mullaney, Wai Lani

Kelly Nicolas-Russ, Fossil Valley

Devon Osborne, Mulberry/Highlands

Kimberly Peatee Feld, Coacoochee

Angela Pittman, Beautiful Butterflies

Lindsay Potterbaum, Friendship

Rustie Pritchard, West Wind

Julie Pusateri, Wai Lani

Lisa Ranon, GSWCF Staff

Jennifer Reyes, Crystal Waters

Dana Robinson, Wai Lani

Samantha Smith, Magical Dreamers

Keith Smith, Not affiliated with SU

Marianne Stanley, Sand Piper

Jennifer Strom, Fossil Valley

Sharon Stubbs, PALS

Heather Tibbetts, Land O’Lakes

Shelly Tindell-Nodine, Boca Ciega

Frances Tough, Rainbow

Amber Van Denzen Suarez, Tierra del Sol/Mulberry Highlands

Laura Webb, Not affiliated with SU

Jerald  Woloszynski, Crystal Waters

Julie Wright, Coacoochee


 The Honor Pin

The Honor Pin, a National Girl Scout Award, is awarded to registered members who have completed the appropriate training for their position, have delivered outstanding service to two or more service units, geographic areas, or program delivery audiences, and have received three nominations that clearly outline that outstanding service. 

Ryan Benefiel
Ryan Benefiel

Ryan is a council outdoor facilitator (challenge course and archery), he also volunteers at council fundraising and recruitment events. He makes a great effort to get on the girl’s level, meet them eye to eye, and treat them with the same respect and attention he gives adults. This allows him to effectively communicate with them and coach them. He’s always enthusiastic, energetic and is just as excited for each activity as the girls are. It really helps the girls be engaged and open to the activity. When working with girls on challenge courses and archery programs, he not only gives girls the tools they need to succeed, but uses emotional intelligence and empathy to cheer them on and encourage them to expand their comfort zones, never pushing too hard or going past “challenge by choice”. In addition, Ryan was instrumental in the set-up and logistics of the Thin Mint Sprint, a council wide fundraising event. 

Nancy Calder
Nancy Calder

Nancy Calder supports the Girl Scout Fall Product and Cookie Program for the Wai Lani and Beautiful Waters service units. Specifically, Nancy has taken on a lot of the day to day help with Ebudde, Clover, and communications to the service unit over email, ensuring troops who do not use Facebook are included in the communications pipeline. Nancy makes sure no detail is overlooked to ensure a great cookie season! Although Nancy no longer has a Girl Scout in the organization, she continues to selflessly give her time and talents to support the girls and adult volunteers in the service unit. She responds to all phone calls and emails in a timely fashion and works with you until your issues are resolved. Nancy is very involved in the Wai Lani service projects especially Operation Christmas Child and Ronald McDonald House. 

Kristin Crawford
Kristin Crawford

When the COVID pandemic hit, Kristin came up with an amazing activity, The Great Girl Scout Scavenger Hunt North Pinellas. The GGSHNP spanned across five communities; Crystal Waters, Old Harbor Bay, Gulf Sands, Beautiful Waters, and Wai Lani. Using safety guidelines she worked with the five service unit managers to come up with five unique scavenger hunts for families to do in an afternoon. Additionally Kristin helped design the patch set. A Facebook group was created to track progress and it had over 231 members. The pandemic didn’t stop Kristin from delivering outstanding social distancing program to girls within the CDC and Girl Scout guidelines. Her list of events included a Women’s Suffragette Walk, the Great Pumpkin Decorating Contest, an Art Walk, and a Shoe Box Float parade. 

Deirdre Dixon
Deirdre Dixon

As the Chair of the Board Development Committee, Deirdre has led several efforts in the past year to train the board. She provided important insights and helped deliver the new Board Member Orientation, and was instrumental in the design and production of the board retreat. Deirdre has spent countless hours revolutionizing our nomination process for the board. Deirdre ensured that every board meeting included a meaningful training experience focused on DEI-RJ. These trainings have resulted in extraordinary board engagement. Deirdre has taken the lead to use best practices in developing our future board. She has put in numerous hours of researching and communicating with the appropriate people to make sure we are in alignment in creating a diverse board. Deirdre is leading the examination of our bylaws. This will ensure that our leadership pipeline has maximum opportunity to attract, grow and engage diverse perspectives spanning the eight counties of our footprint. She incorporated industry best practices for board composition into the BDC’s recommendations to the board. As a new governance manager, Deirdre has been a great mentor and leader to other board members.

Lynn Stephanie Dorman
Lynn Jackson Dorman

Our board and overall governance process is better because of Lynn’s work! Lynn has gone above and beyond as a Board Development Committee Vice-Chair by leading all of our DEI-RJ trainings in board meetings and at the board retreat. She spent hours researching and developing presentations to support the board’s education and influence on our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Lynn poured so much energy into these presentations. The board benefited tremendously as individuals, and as a collective body of leaders for the organization. As the Board Development Committee Vice-Chair, Lynn took the lead with the chair to use best practices in developing our future board. She put in numerous hours of researching and communicating with the appropriate people to make sure we are in alignment in creating a diverse board.

Eugenia (Genie) Gohman
Eugenia Gohman

Genie has been key in working with the North Pinellas service units; Split Pines, and Hoxie on The Great Girl Scout Scavenger Hunt. She looks at the bigger picture—the greater Girl Scout community and movement for ways to engage both girls and their families. Throughout the past year, Genie has gone above and beyond to offer the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls throughout our council by sharing dozens of virtual Girl Scouting activities with several service units, including Hoxie, Boca Ciega, and Split Pines. Genie is dedicated to ensuring that our girls have had every possible opportunity to continue their GSLE, whether in person on virtually. Genie is a valuable asset, not only to her service unit, but to our entire council. 

Kathleen (Kathie) Keiderling

Kathie is the co-leader and cookie manager for two troops in different service units (Beautiful Waters & Wai Lani). She helps keep the troops’ inventories in control by checking to make sure they have enough or helping them to get rid of excess. She is constantly working with all troop cookie managers to manage cookie booths. Kathie monitors the service unit Facebook group to help with cookie inventories as well as extra booths that become available. Last year Kathie started running a cookie training program for our newer troop cookie managers. We call it Cookie University. Kathie was able to answer all the questions these new volunteers had and continued to support them throughout the cookie season. She has had several top sellers in her troops, therefore she has expert advice on sales tips, accurate ordering, running booths, and sales motivation. Because of Katie, everyone felt more comfortable in their job and knew they had someone to go to if they needed to.

Colleen Kurtz
Colleen Kurtz

Colleen is an amazing leader and role model for her two troops and the Sunset Scouts service unit. In addition to keeping both her troops active during the COVID pandemic, she also mentored other leaders in working with their girls. She was a huge part of Sunset Scouts’ Virtual Encampment this year. We would not have been able to have this great event without Colleen. She purchased supplies, organized planning groups, and lead activities (some impromptu) for the virtual encampment weekend. It was an excellent program for the girls and it included an encampment packet that outlined the itinerary and all of the activities they did. This packet is now being offered to the other service units in the council as a resource for ideas to help plan their own virtual encampments. 

Sabrina Nirenberg
Sabrina Nirenberg

This year Sabrina took on managing both recruitment and retention, for GSWCF and while in a pandemic! Sabrina did not hesitate to pivot everything to virtual when in–person events and meetings were no longer an option. Under her leadership our council facilitated its first virtual Membership Kick-Off and it was a great success. Her can-do attitude has kept the council moving forward and she has been a great example to staff and volunteers. She helped the CMM’s reach their retention goals even during a pandemic. Her professional manor and friendly attitude makes it easy and fun to work with her. She’s open to new ideas and uses her past experiences to help her team think outside the box. With an incredible amount of detail and organization, Sabrina goes above and beyond to answer the call of duty. She’s always honest and fair, treats others as an equal and respects us as her Girl Scout sisters. 

Jennifer Rosario
Jennifer Rosario

Jennifer is not only committed to recruitment and sustaining membership in North Pinellas and Pasco county service units, she is dedicated to the Girl Scout program. She leads a multi-level troop in Silver Forest and another troop in Crystal Waters service unit. Jennifer participates in monthly service unit meetings and is supportive of all our leaders. Her troops meet virtually and in-person, in an outdoor format. During this difficult time, Jennifer did everything she could to help recruit new girls virtually and when we were able to open recruitment to in-person events, she contacted engaged volunteers immediately to help set up a plan. She never leaves us hanging and always fills our last minute requests for flyers, book marks etc. Jennifer is such a huge asset and is so wonderful to work with.

Kelly Williams-Puccio
Kelly Williams Puccio

Kelly is the service unit manager and adult awards coordinator for the Mulberry Highlands service unit, a region J delegate, and a member of the CEO Roundtable. Each year she financially supports her troops in her service unit, the Polk Task force special projects, and the Service Unit Family Partnership campaign. Kelly is willing to financially sponsor girls in other Polk County service units. She is a Senior/Ambassador troop leader and is active in all recruitment efforts and promotion of Family Partnership.

Tammy Van Loan
Tammy Van Loan

Tammy is a wonderful example of a volunteer who pushes both girls and leaders to be their best. She returned to Girl Scouting after her troops had graduated to help promote the High Awards in Polk County.  She travels all over the county to attend troop and service unit meetings when needed, to provide support and training to the girls for their Bronze, Silver and Gold Award projects. She provides training on the requirements of the awards throughout Polk County and mentors leaders and girls on projects to ensure they know with the appropriate effort, the awards are achievable. She takes her time to explain every detail to the girls and is willing to attend many troop meetings, working with the girls to guide them during their high awards projects.


  The Thanks Badge

The Thanks Badge, a National Girl Scout Award, is awarded to registered members who have completed the appropriate training for their position, and have delivered outstanding service to the entire council or Girl Scout movement. Thanks Badge recipients have received at least four nominations that clearly outline their extraordinary service. 

Vickie Abbott

Vickie has served for many years on the Gold Award Committee for GSWCF and has been instrumental in getting girls to complete their Gold Award. She mentors young women to be leaders, and never falters in her resolve to support Girl Scouts through hurdles and challenging times. Her council wide effort is truly bettering the Girl Scout Movement with her advocacy of High Awards. She is a shining example of Girl Scout leadership in action. Vickie’s troop graduated and have been lifetime members for almost 4 years, but she continues to volunteer at the council and service unit level. Her dedication is inspiring.

Sharron Bauer
sharron Bauer

Sharron works with all council departments to ensure they have the proper training courses available for their area. She keeps volunteers up to date on gsLearn and the trainings they need. She works very hard to make sure staff are involved, and helps promote recognitions across the entire organization.

By nurturing and engaging the service unit adult recognition coordinators she inspired a need to assist in the council recognitions among volunteers and added to volunteer retention. In 2020, when the annual recognitions ceremony would not be facilitated in-person, she spent numerous hours researching and creating a plan to deliver the awards in a public and intimate recognition while educating the community about the adult awards our members can receive. Our adult awardees were not only surprised, but felt appreciated for all of their Girl Scout efforts. Furthermore, Sharron recognized a gap that some service units had in providing onboarding and training to new volunteer leaders. She made a significant impact when she created a shorter, more detailed training paths that the new leaders could easily access online. Sharron Bauer exemplifies world class work throughout the entire council.

Antoinette (Toni) Collello
Antionette Collelo

Toni’s impact on the council reaches far and wide. Working from Early Bird registration campaigns pre-COVID to her Flora the Flamingo recruiting videos—a viral internet sensation, to her work with various service unit managers, to her problem-solving abilities, she makes herself available to so many. She brings her Girl Scout voice to Kappa Deltas to collect stuffed animals for the Lakeland Police Department.  She is always willing to lend a helping hand and encourages all around her to be the best version of themselves. Ms. Toni participates with enthusiasm and excitement, bears a positive and fun-loving attitude. and spreads joy and awareness of Girl Scouts throughout our council.

Yesenia DeJesus
Yesenia DeJesus

Yesenia is an active troop leader, and council trainer for Wilderness Camp Training which includes three rigorous sessions teaching primitive hiking and camping skills over a three-month period. She also trains a Wilderness First Aid certification which is completed in two, eight-hour days. In addition, she is a trainer for another organization, bringing Project Wild certification training to our members. Yesenia is selfless in giving her time and talents to the greater good of our council.  

Michelle Gagnard

Michelle is extremely passionate and a strong proponent of the Girl Scout Highest Awards. Michelle facilitates the Bronze, Silver & Gold awards workshops for as many girls as possible. She does trainings in several areas of the council and is willing to travel to help get them done. She has done over 6 hours of trainings in one day (Bronze, Silver and Gold)! Michelle is always willing to go the extra mile to help girls and their leaders understand the High Awards. 

Leslie Parker
Leslie Parker

Leslie has taken our water safety training to the next level, including two brand new trainings for canoes and kayaks. She helped design the new “Open Water” training - which involves training adults on how to canoe and kayak in the waters surrounding Camp Wai Lani, plus the new “Paddling 101 for Adults” course teaching adults paddling basics, and how to teach girls. We would not have been able to bring these valuable trainings to adults in our council without her input and efforts. Leslie is very generous with her time and talents. Because of her, hundreds of volunteers have been trained and thousands of girls have been enabled to explore the water.   

Kelsi Ramdeo
Kelsi Ramdeo

Kelsi initiated the council’s primary focus and work dedicated to new leader onboarding. This work included study and research conducted with numerous councils with high first-year retention, participating in strategy groups facilitated by GSUSA, assisting in the launch of a council pilot, and producing processes to recognize the significantly impactful best practices. She was integral in implementing the monitoring of several service units to understand how the size of service unit and volunteer team structures influence retention. Kelsi gathered with her team to educate service units and provide various strategies to increase new leader retention among first-year volunteers.

Andrea Weaver
Andrea Weaver

Andrea Weaver loves Girl Scouting! She has been an active troop leader as well as helping several service units with their encampments. Andrea has served on the CEO Volunteer Roundtable for four years, been an adult trainer for six plus years, served on the Council Product Committee for one year, and served on the Alum History Committee for two years. She volunteered at Camp Wai Lani for five summers as a waterfront leader, lifeguard, and archery instructor. Andrea also offered extra girl trainings such as campfire cooking and sleep overs. Andrea is dedicated to the Girl Scout Movement and is admired and looked up to by other leaders.  


  The Thanks Badge II

The Thanks Badge II, a National Girl Scout Award, is awarded to registered members who have already earned the Thanks Badge, have continual high performance and have used their skill or sphere of influence to benefit the entire council in another endeavor. Thanks Badge II recipients have received at least four nominations that clearly outline their extraordinary service. 

Carrie Alexander
Carrie Alexander

Carrie is on the adult awards committee, and  participated at the council level, reviewing nominations submitted to the council and was part of a sub–committee reviewing two new awards that are still in development. This sub–committee is very labor and meeting intensive. Her participation was greatly appreciated, and valued. She worked very hard to promote adult awards in her region and across the entire council. Carrie is a former member of the CEO Roundtable, where she gave service for several years. Carrie is also the former spokesperson for the Daisy Circle at Membership Kickoff and has volunteered for Women of Distinction & Dessert First. Carrie has a deep love of Girl Scouting and commits to it 110%. 

Karen Bachmann
Karen Bachmann

Karen Bachmann is one of our council trainers, specifically for Pocket Knife Safety, and BOLT training.  She’s able to help the participants prepare their girls in all outdoor aspects: progression in camping, planning, menus, cooking, gear, and activities while camping. She has a great impact on encouraging the participants to lead their girls to camp, while stressing the greater skill of building leadership and independence in girls. She impacts adults and girls throughout GSWCF, as well as furthering the mission of Girl Scouting. Being a great trainer, she fills in when needed, even on short notice and is very knowledgeable in outdoor skills which is a benefit for the adults who come to her trainings.

Nerissa Casanova
Nerissa Casanova

As a National Delegate, Nerissa went above and beyond to support volunteers, Girl Scouts, and staff who were part of National Council Session. With the changes of a new CEO and governance manager, Nerissa took the lead in many ways to help the council navigate through this first-time virtual experience. First, she reached out and provided historical context for GSUSA’s NCS, as well as the roles of delegates and alternates. Next, she was the first to truly dive deep into all of the resolutions and then she gathered insights from across the council and helped the other delegates to shape their own perspectives on each issue. During the National Council Session (36+ hours of Zoom in three days), Nerissa continuously supported other delegates in their understanding of what was happening. Post-event, she brought numerous insights to what could be done to improve the whole experience for the future.

Brenda Hover
Brenda Hover

Four years ago, Brenda worked very diligently on getting Showcase of Skills/Camp Greenbloods established (a re-invigoration of the Showcase of Skills). Since then, Camp Greenbloods has become more successful each year. She works year–round to research classes to provide meaningful information to leaders/volunteers to bring back to their girls. She also sources low cost/no cost materials—literally driving around and picking up pallet boards that can be stripped down to make wooden signs or visiting garage sales to obtain wine bottles for glass cutting class. She organizes the volunteer staff to assist her as well as organizing the volunteers to teach the classes. She never complains about working hard. Brenda is impacting hundreds of girls by dedicating herself to creating a learning event, for adult volunteers.

Kathryn Owen
Kathryn Owen

Kathryn Owen is ready to do anything outside her role of COO when a volunteer or staff is unavailable.  She volunteered as a mentor and helper for Camp CEO when the designated person was not able to attend. Kathryn helped to create and implement COVID protocols for Girl Scouts of West Central Florida when we first entered the pandemic. Her steady leadership was key during a very difficult time. Through research and expert guidance from a number of sources, she helped lay the foundation of our pivot to maintaining Girl Scouts in unprecedented times. Her knowledge and experience of Girl Scouting has placed GSWCF in a position of advantage and growth. Kathryn has given tirelessly in her time with GSWCF and we will be forever in debt to that effort.

Jeanne Smith
Jeanne Smith

Jeanne leads the adult awards committee and has done an excellent job. She tests the nomination forms, is always available to help develop new awards, review award nominations, and is available at the annual awards ceremony to help deliver the awards to all the awardees. This year she agreed to take on the job of chairperson of the adult awards committee and with that, the development of new, upcoming council awards. Jeanne has been the service unit manager of Cypress Bells and the chair of area association K for many years. She always volunteers with a smile and she bleeds Girl Scout green.


  The Years of Service Pins

The Years of Service Pins recognize registered adult members for years of active volunteer service at five–year intervals up to 40 years. After 40 years, pins are available at 10–year intervals. Years of Service Pins are presented by the service unit for 5 years of service and by Girl Scouts of West Central Florida for 10 years of service and beyond.

5 Years of Service

Deborah Attaway, Beautiful Butterflies

Manuela Barreiro-Soto, Caloosa

Helena Berg, Beautiful Butterflies

Ashley Berman, Sunset Scouts

Mercedes Bleattler, Silver Forest

Emily Bonderman, Rising Daisies

Shannon Boyer, Joining Rivers

Jessica Burbo, Beautiful Butterflies

Marie Christopher, Rising Daisies

Miranda Clink, Whispering Pines

Jennifer Dallner, Brooksville Ridge

Rita Donahue-Simmons, Whispering Pines

Sheila Eakes, Whispering Pines

Erin Ellis, Beautiful Butterflies

Alicia Escalante-Tyler, Caloosa

Serena Fitzgerald, Rising Daisies

Meg Forehand-Karakis, Sunny Palms

Deanna Fortson, Caloosa

Audrey Fowler, Joining Rivers

Livinia Gardner, Sunburst

Kimberly Gilberti, Beautiful Butterflies

Nicole Gingell, Beautiful Butterflies

Tania Goldman, Beautiful Waters

Lavina Harris, Fossil Valley

Darla Hoffman, Rising Daisies

Sue Huttig, Sunburst

Sundus Iraq, Sunset Scouts

Jessica Jex, Caloosa

Catherine Kay, Rising Daisies

Jennifer Knauss, Split Pines

Tiffany Liu Shakhnes, Caloosa

Lora Maggio, Sunset Scouts

Bruce McClintock, Whispering Pines

Rebecca McClintock, Whispering Pines

Jessica Mendez, Rising Daisies

Catherine Rose Morris, Brooksville Ridge

Rebecca Muldoon, Sunny Palms

Tami Murchio, Silver Forest

Sarah Newcomb, Sunny Palms

Margaret Orchalek, Whispering Pines

Denise Pare, Council Staff

Pinkal Patel, Fossil Valley

Rosanna Pena, Sunburst

Lara Peppard, Sunny Palms

James Pittman, Beautiful Butterflies

Jenny Rhodes, Fossil Valley

Timothy Robinson, Split Pines

Jenny Russell, Sunny Palms

Shilow Sack, Sunny Palms

Elizabeth Sanchez, Fossil Valley

Alicia Sanjurjo, Beautiful Butterflies

Thomas Sanjurjo, Beautiful Butterflies

Kyle Schmidt, Silver Forest

Melissa Shelby, Caloosa

Cheryl Shepherd, Whispering Pines

Christian Simmons, Sunburst

Mike Sinnett, Brooksville Ridge

Tanya Slicker, Whispering Pines

Kristinia Springer, Split Pines

Sarrah Stutzman, Rising Daisies

Irene Tharin, Beautiful Waters

Rebecca Thorn, Fossil Valley

Jamila Thornton, Sunburst

Ashley Trehan, Sunny Palms

Joey Vanderbilt, Split Pines

Christopher Volk, Beautiful Butterflies

Linde Whitney, Rising Daisies

Jaima Woodiwiss, Beautiful Butterflies

10 Years of Service

Wende Anderson, Crystal Waters

Yamel Belen, Strawberry

Cristina Bonilla-Warford, Sunset Scouts

Diane Brand, Wai Lani

Sabine Burns, Fossil Valley

Dave Clink, Whispering Pines

Judy Clink, Whispering Pines

Erica Clough, Fossil Valley

Elizabeth Cox, Beautiful Butterflies

Emily Crumpton, Woodlands

Carla Gibson, Silver Forest

Jacqueline Griggs, Sunny Palms

Jackie Grimes, Sunburst

Amber Grissom, Joining Rivers

Amanda Hamilton, Woodlands

Nadine Hill, Strawberry

Caeti Hyer, Council Staff

Patrcia Kane, Crystal Waters

Kathleen Keiderling, Beautiful Waters

Lorie Kittendorf, Sunny Palms

Colleen Kurtz, Sunset Scouts

Ava Lawrence, Crystal Waters

Lauren Levy, Sunny Palms

Tanya Loyd, Sunset Scouts

Veronica Markiewicz, Trailblazers

Jamiel Maze, Rising Daisies

Kandice McCorkel, Brooksville Ridge

Tara McDaniel, Sunset Scouts

Danyele McGeorge, Circle of Springs

Lynette Mills, Toppercrest

Melissa Neher, Whispering Pines

Kelly Nicholas-Russ, Fossil Valley

Angela Pittman, Beautiful Butterflies

Laura Pringle, Whispering Pines

Angela Puckett, Crystal Waters

Kelsi Ramdeo, Council Staff

Sarah Ruggieri, Spring Mermaids

Manar Sarsour, Sunset Scouts

Shikha Sharma, Sunny Palms

Michelle Sikorksi, Crystal Waters

Barrie Taft, Crystal Waters

Layna Tedford, Fossil Valley

Karen Thomas, Fossil Valley

15 Years of Service

Kathleen Antis, Whispering Pines

Jeanne Baldi, Beautiful Butterflies

Darlene Bennett, Beautiful Butterflies

Janet Blair, Strawberry

Lisa Cavanaugh, Whispering Pines

Sylvia McPherson, Beautiful Butterflies

Brenda Napier, Sunburst

Dylan Newton, Circle of Springs

Julie Piper, Joining Rivers

Maureen Trishka, Silver Forest

20 Years of Service

Suzanne Bredbenner, Beautiful Butterflies

Yvonne Hughes, Beautiful Butterflies

Toni Knowles, Joining Rivers

Sabrina Nirenberg, Council Staff

Lynn Wagner, Fossil Valley

Heather Marie Wolfertz, Circle of Springs

Isabella Wooldridge, Rising Daisies

25 Years of Service

Debra Dereniski, Council Staff

Elaine Eaton, Beautiful Butterflies

Lorrie Miller, Rising Daisies

Sheryl Vanetta, Sunburst

30 Years of Service

Camella Dennis, Sunburst

Joanne Wolff, Wai Lani

Laura Welborn, Council wide

35 Years of Service

Deborah Holton-Fisher, Sunburst

Sheila Hill, Sunburst

50 Years of Service

Mary Urquhart, Whispering Pines

Special Thanks to the Adult Awards Committee Members

Jeanne Smith, Committee Chairman

Carrie Alexander, Committee Member
Jenifer Boswell, Committee Member
Adrienne Brown, Committee Member
Pam Clouston, Committee Member
Cathi Kessel, Committee Member
Bonnie Laforme, Committee Member
Amy Motta, Committee Member
Jill Painter, Committee Member
Laura Welborn, Committee Member

Sharron Bauer, Adult Learning Manager
Carmen Serrano, Administrative Assistant

If you are interested in representing your Service Unit in the Adult Award process, or assisting at the next Adult Award Ceremony, contact us.