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Adult Training: River Level 1 Canoe/Kayak, 10/16/21, 8:30 AM

Sat Oct 16, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EST

This 8 hour course will train participants with content equivalent to ACA Essentials of River Canoe and Kayak. It will have 3 hours of classroom/land based instruction and workshops/on the water training and skill development & assessment. With an additional 2 hours for on water testing where participants will need to pass skills test and demonstrate the developed skills to pass the course.

When the participants pass, they will be ready to facilitate outings with girls on class one rivers. If participants do not pass either portions (classroom and/or skill demonstration), there will be additional fees for reinstruction/re-test. Retest classroom portion @ $40; retest skills demo@ $40; Dates to be determined at class, as needed.

If the participant is not able to pass both parts, the participant will need to re-take the course with no discount.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing that will get wet, and water shoes.

Bring food and snacks and water bottles.

Training Location: Weeki Wachee River

If this course is full, contact to ask to be on the wait list. This event closes 10 days prior to the class, at which time, cancellations at this point will be at no refund.

PLEASE NOTE: There is an additional fee of $50 for one boat if participant is NOT supplying their own canoe or kayak. 2 people can utilize one boat. See add on fee for this charge.