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2021 Summer Camp Care Packages

Tue Feb 16, 8:00 AM - Sun Aug 01, 11:59 PM EST
Ambassadors, Seniors, Juniors, Brownies, Daisies, Cadettes

Surprise your resident camper with a special care package that we’ll deliver to her on her first day of in-person summer camp!

We have a number of base packages to choose from and you can give her a little extra something special with an add-on pack. At check-in, you can even include a personalized note for your camper.

Summer Camp Care Packages* feature the theme “Making Memories at Camp!” with our elephant mascot named Butterfly.

All Care Packages, Add-on Packs, and Trading Post Gift Certificates are available for purchase during registration or on check-in day at camp while supplies last. Please note: items are different every year. 

Camp Care Packages

Basic $25 + tax ($26.75)
Backpack, Triton water bottle, mini spiral notebook, butterfly pen, and 2021 patch

BONUS: One mystery item

Happy Camper $35 + tax ($37.45)
Basic Package + bandana with map of camp, and collectible pin

BONUS: Two mystery items

Camper’s Delight $50 + tax ($53.50)
Basic + Happy Camper Packages + elephant plush, and 7-in-1 emergency survival Multi-function tool (includes whistle, magnifying glass, signal mirror, compass, thermometer, small container, and white LED light)

BONUS: Three mystery items

Add-on Packs for your Care Package*

Glow in the Dark Pack $15 + tax ($16.05)
This fun pack will have items that glow, blink, and shine at night.

Daily Surprise Pack $30 + tax ($32.10)
Campers will receive a different item daily. Something fun for nighttime, something to write down memories, something to play with, something practical, and something fun in the sun!

Trading Posts Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates can be purchased during camp registration in increments of $10. Most families leave a deposit of $30 for their camper. If a camper does not spend the entire amount, she will receive change in the form of a gift certificate that she can spend at any GSWCF Trading Post or GSWCF Girl Scout Store location.