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Girl Scouts Make a Difference

Prepare your girl for a lifetime of leadership.

When they’re advocating for our communities, discovering the outdoors, exploring science and technology, or powering new adventures as part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scouts discover they can achieve anything!

Girl-led, expert-approved, and volunteer-supported, Girl Scouts helps girls discover their strengths and change the world.

Girl Scout Spotlight: Cassandra Levesque

Activist, College Student, Gold Award Girl Scout

At a glance, Cassandra seems like the average teenage girl—but her necklace, featuring a drawing of a woman holding up a bodybuilding weight, should be a clue that this Gold Award Girl Scout is strong. Strong enough, in fact, to take on the House and Senate in New Hampshire and change state law to protect young people under the age of 16 from child marriage. Where did this self-admitted shy young woman get so much courage? “Every troop meeting, every box of Thin Mints I sold taught me there was nothing I couldn’t do if I set my mind to it,” Cassie says. “In Girl Scouts, you learn to dream big and try even bigger.”  MORE »

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Taking the Lead for Over 100 Years

Today the pro-girl environment at Girl Scouts is more important than ever, providing a unique, girl-led experience where girls can try new things, develop lifelong skills, take on leadership roles, and feel free to just be themselves.

These inspiring go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders know what it means to be a Girl Scout—and what it takes to be an unstoppable woman on a powerful mission.

Tyra Banks, Girl Scout and Executive Producer/CEO

Redefining how the world perceives beauty isn’t a job for just anyone…

Katie Couric, Girl Scout and Award-winning Journalist

Being the first female anchor of a network news channel isn’t a job for just anyone…

Melinda Gates, Girl Scout and Philanthropist

Leading the charge to eradicate poverty, disease, and social injustice isn’t a job for just anyone…

Ellen Kuras, Girl Scout and Director/Cinematographer

Being a pioneering female member of the American Society of Cinematographers isn’t a job for just anyone…

Venus Williams, Girl Scout and Tennis Legend

Winning a whopping 21 Grand Slam titles isn’t a job for just anyone…

Susan Wojcicki, Girl Scout and CEO of YouTube

Becoming one of the most influential business leaders in technology isn’t a job for just anyone…

Making the world a better place isn’t a job for just anyone! It calls for a strong sense of self and a willingness to take risks. Whether she’s an astronaut, athlete, anchor, advocate, actor, or any other fierce, inspirational trailblazer, chances are she got her start at Girl Scouts.  

Not just making their mark, but making a difference? That’s a job for a Girl Scout!

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Girl Scouts is the best leadership development experience for girls—one that’s designed with, by, and for girls.

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