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Troop Leader Spotlight: February 2023

From left to right: Troop Leaders Katie Habgood, Kathy Karabec and Danielle Webb

[From left to right: Katie Habgood, Kathy Karabec and Danielle Webb]

Troop Leaders work hard everyday to deliver a high quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience for girls.

Meet Katie Habgood, Kathy Karabec and Danielle Webb. These three amazing Troop Leaders were nominated by their peers for their dedication and outstanding leadership. To them, the most important thing a troop leader can do for their troop is to be present and listen.


Katie Habgood, Troop 32302

Time Volunteering: 8 years
Service Unit: 608 Toppercrest
Favorite Girl Scout Cookies®: Thin Mints®

What are three helpful tips you would give a new Girl Scout Leader?

  1. Start small. It's easy to get overwhelmed and think you should be doing all of the things, but beginning with manageable plans will help you and the girls from getting burnt out.
  2. Explore the resources. There are so many great programs and ideas you can find through social media! It's such a great place for inspiration. Also, talk to other troop leaders. Most of us are happy to help and love getting troops together for activities!
  3. Schedule things that work for your calendar first.

What are two reasons you choose to volunteer with Girl Scouts?

I grew up as a Girl Scout (in our council!), and when I had two daughters I was excited to introduce them to the organization. Right away, I started volunteering with their troops by planning the year's activities, camping, and Fall Product, and it has grown from there. 

  1. I've seen the difference Girl Scouts can make in a girl. Between learning new skills, getting introduced to new topics, meeting new people, and trying new activities that were previously deemed too scary, girls get exposed to such a wide variety of life. And this exposure helps them discover who they are and what they are capable of. It's what helps them grow as leaders, to find their courage, and to love serving their communities.
  2. Apply all of the above to me too. :) I didn't think I was enough to be a Girl Scout troop leader - not organized enough, not fun enough, not cool enough, whatever. But this has been the best experience, and I'm so proud to play this role and so proud of my Scouts.

What is one of your favorite Girl Scouts memories?

Oh, so many! I'll give two.

  1. Our Cadette troop wanted to go ziplining. Two girls were very nervous and had a fear of heights. But they showed up! They said maybe they wouldn't do much. I told them they should only do what they were comfortable with, but to also push themselves if they felt up to it. Next thing I knew we were lined up for one of the medium-height zips, which looked so much higher when you're up there, and one of the girls froze. She wanted to give up, to turn around, to ask one of the employees to get her. Her Girl Scout sisters encouraged her, kindly, and, then, as she zipped across, they cheered. We all cheered. She was shaking, but she was so proud of herself, and I am tearing up thinking of it now! <3
  2. Our troop, now 15-year-old Seniors, finally got to travel to Savannah in November 2022, and we had the best time. One snippet that stays in my head was during the ghost tour, they decided to all hold hands in case anyone was scared They formed a long train linked by hands and walked through Savannah that way for the next hour. I love that they are so smart and mature but aren't afraid to let themselves have fun and do something that might be seen as immature. That's Girl Scout confidence too!


Kathy Karabec, Troop 84504

Time Volunteering: 7 years
Service Unit: 629 Woodlands
Favorite Girl Scout Cookies®: Samoas®

What are three helpful tips you would give a new Girl Scout Leader?

Have fun, be organized, be present, get to know the girls and all the things they like. Listening to them will keep them engaged much longer. Foster friendships with parents for a good volunteer base. 

What are two reasons you choose to volunteer with Girl Scouts?

My daughter and our troop leader, Ashley. 

What is one of your favorite Girl Scouts memories?

There are so many, however our trip to Savannah was one I'll never forget.


Danielle Webb, Troop 50404

Time Volunteering: 4 years
Service Unit: 631 Angel Echo
Favorite Girl Scout Cookies®: Adventurefuls™

What are three helpful tips you would give a new Girl Scout Leader?

  1. Have fun with your troop no matter the patch or badge make it fun and active!
  2. Show your troop how to be a great Girl Scout!
  3. And ask for help from your parents. You are going to need it! 

What are two reasons you choose to volunteer with Girl Scouts?

  1. Seeing my girls grow and become respectful Girl Scouts.
  2. And having the opportunity to try new adventures with them. 

What is one of your favorite Girl Scouts memories?

When I watched my troop welcome a new girl into our troop and made her feel like she's been there for years. That made me feel so proud to be their Troop Leader.


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