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Women's Suffrage and Girl Scouts


August 26, 2020, marked the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment ratification allowing women across the US the right to vote.   Crystal Waters Service Unit in Palm Harbor kicked off their membership year with a month’s worth of activities to celebrate this milestone and the Women’s Suffragette Movement.   

With the help from East Lake Library staff, Crystal Waters Girl Scouts set up a Suffragette display to include books for all ages highlighting this monumental movement. The presentation included artwork, promotional flyers, and suffragette buttons made by middle and high school girls.   

Girl Scouts were then tasked with making yard signs telling the story of American Suffrage. The signs included timelines, pictures of actual events, and how women fought for the vote. Once the signs were complete, the girls created a History Walk at the library and invited the public to attend. They handed out buttons, beads, and flyers to everyone that visited the library. Girls dressed in yellow and purple and even wore hand-made sashes that said “Votes for Women.” While most retrieved information from the Girl Scout Suffrage Centennial Toolkit, some girls went the extra mile and did their own research before making their sign.  

The signs were filled with information, colors, print material, and pictures. Several signs were hand-drawn and written, and others were printed. All the signs were eye-catching, fun to read, and informative! The History Walk was also interactive, with the final sign on the walk included a QR Code linked to the Florida Voter Registration site. Also included in the History Walk was a scavenger hunt that coincided with information on the signs.   The public loved learning more about the movement, the girls enjoyed learning about history, and the parents appreciated how their daughters were engaged in a wonderful Civics lesson.   

In addition to the display and History Walk, girls also engaged in Zoom meetings conducted by other Troops in different states. They even had a fantastic Zoom meeting with the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections, Julie Marcus. Many badges were earned during the month, but the experience and education gained was priceless. 

This year, to celebrate Women’s Equality Day, Crystal Waters invites troops throughout the council to complete one of several activities along with us to include:  

  1. Thanking women who have made an impact in their lives; moms, grandmas, aunts, leaders, teachers.
  2. Hosting a Galentine’s Day party to celebrate and teach about the women’s suffrage movement.
  3. Watching Disney’s Mary Poppins since Mrs. Banks was a suffragette herself.
  4. Holding a Voter Registration Drive.
  5. Working on any of the Democracy Badges.