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Adapting Your Cookie Business During a Global Pandemic

Masked Cookie Delivery

Girl Scout entrepreneurs just like you are expanding their business skills during the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program to share the joy of Girl Scout Cookies during challenging times. In addition to traditional in-person cookie booths at local Publix, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Winn-Dixie stores beginning Feb. 12, you can unlock your inner innovator by utilizing socially distant selling methods, like contact-free pickup and delivery. Customers can now order Girl Scout Cookies online through the free Girl Scout Cookie Finder app, ;enabling them to purchase cookies from a local troop and have it shipped directly to their homes.

Innovative Girl-led Sales Methods

Use the unique circumstances of the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program to add to the tools already in your cookie (tool) box: in-person booths, door-to-door activity, and the Digital Cookie® (digital storefronts online platform. You can embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, stay connected to your communities, and have fun by choosing how you participate in the cookie program. Hosting events like Virtual Cookie House Parties and Drive-thru Cookie Booths allow you to meet your goals while safely staying six feet apart.

Ordering Now Available Through Delivery Platform Grubhub

This season, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida is participating in a national collaboration with food ordering and delivery platform Grubhub so you can have an additional way to facilitate contact-free cookie orders.

These limited opportunities give you a chance to further your entrepreneurial skills by learning another facet of e-commerce. In this hands-on experience, Girl Scouts will track and fulfill orders, manage inventory, and more, all using Grubhub’s back-end technology.

This method will be available at our properties in Tampa (the Girl Scout Leadership Center), Riverview (Camp Dorothy Thomas), Palm Harbor (Camp Wai Lani), and Wildwood (Camp Wildwood) starting Feb. 13. Our pilot launch will be at the Girl Scout Leadership Center on Saturday, February 6 and Sunday, February 7 to capitalize on the increased number of visitors in that area over Super Bowl weekend.

Because Girl Scouts will be the ones accepting, packing, and handing off orders to Grubhub delivery drivers, our Grubhub opportunities in west central Florida will only be available certain dates and times. Be sure to check our Grubhub blog for the latest details and information on how you can participate in this incredible partnership! Grubhub has even waived all fees to make this new delivery option feasible for sales without reducing troops’ and councils’ proceeds. The Grubhub partnership is a council-level cookie booth opportunity. Girl Scouts will receive the troop proceeds, but do not have to supply their own cookies.

Online Ordering Available Nationwide February 1

It’s now possible for all consumers nationwide who don’t already know a Girl Scout to purchase Girl Scout Cookies online for shipment to their door. Beginning February 1, customers can enter their zip code into the free Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to find a local troop to support. This will take them to the troop’s Digital Cookie platform where the customer can order cookies for direct shipment or donation to local organizations.

How Customers Can Safely Purchase Girl Scout Cookies This Season

Throughout cookie season (January 2 through March 14), consumers can support Girl Scouts just like you by purchasing cookies in a few different ways: 

  • If they know a registered Girl Scout, they can ask her how she’s selling cookies in ways that meet local and state safety protocols.

  • They can visit to order via contact-free delivery from Grubhub in west central Florida.

  • Publix, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Winn-Dixie have generously opened space outside their retail locations for Girl Scouts to sell cookies in a safe and socially distant manner, when allowed by local COVID-19 guidelines. In-person cookie booths begin Feb. 12 and run through March 14.

  • Customers can enter their zip code into the Girl Scout Cookie Finder at or on the free Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to purchase from a local Girl Scout troop online for shipment to their door, or to donate cookies to first responders and local causes.