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Sweets & Treats Girl Rewards

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When participating in Girl Scout Sweets & Treats, girls not only develop 5 key skills that they will use throughout their lives (goal setting, decision-making, business ethics, people skills, and money management), but they can also earn awesome rewards. We're talking theme patches, custom patches featuring their Me2 avatar, council dough, GSUSA Gift Certificates, accessories, stuffed animals, shirts, and more! We're highlighting some of our favorites below, but you can watch our rewards video to see all the rewards girls can earn this year. 

So. Many. Patches.
There are several patches girls can earn by participating in the program. The interlocking theme patches feature a swimming sloth (earned after sending 15 emails), a mangrove tree with this year's slogan: Bravely Be You (earned by selling 2 magazines), and a patch featuring Mamoni and Lunita – our mama and baby sloth mascots.


Girls can also earn two personalized patches featuring their Me2 avatar. Girls earn the Sweets & Treats personalized patch after sending a minimum of 15 emails, as well as selling 3 magazines, and 30 nut and/or chocolate items. Girls even get to choose to show their avatar kayaking or sitting in a hammock on this patch.

The second personalized patch is the cookie crossover patch, earned my meeting requirements in both the 2020 Girl Scout Sweets & Treats and 2021 Girl Scout Cookie programs. The final patch girls can earn is the Project Thank You patch. Girls earn this patch by selling a minimum of 5 Project Thank You items.

Lunita and Mamoni Stuffed Animals
These toy versions of our mascot (the pygmy three-toed sloth) are so soft and cuddly! Lunita is the baby sloth and Mamoni is the mama sloth. Girls earn Lunita when they sell 30 items and Mamoni when they sell 70 items. 

Council Dough and Girl Scouts of the USA Gift Certificates
On many reward levels, girls can choose between a themed reward (accessories, stuffed animals, shirts, etc.) or various denominations of Council Dough. Council Dough is money girls can spend on anything GSWCF offers: membership, events, destinations, summer camp, service unit events, and merchandise in the GSWCF Council Shops or Trading Posts. Council Dough will be mailed directly to girls in January 2021, so be sure your mailing address is up to date in your MyGS account!

NEW this year, girls will be able to convert all or part of their GSWCF Council Dough to GSUSA Online Gift Certificates. This will allow girls to make purchase in the GSUSA online store only. The GSUSA Gift Certificates can't be used at the GSWCF Store or the Camp Trading Posts. There are a few important things to note before converting your Council Dough to a GSUSA Gift Certificate, so be sure to check the Sweets & Treats Guide, or watch our rewards video

These are just three of the awesome rewards girls can earn this year by participating in Girl Scout Sweets & Treats. You can see all of our rewards (and the requirements to earn them) on our rewards page, or by watching our rewards video.

Remember girls can begin participating at any time before the Sweets & Treats program ends on November 16, so it's never too late to start! Girls can even participate on their own, so if you're a Juliette, or if your troop chose not to participate, that's not a problem. For more information, visit the Sweets & Treats section of our website or contact the Product Program Team