Gold Award Project Spotlight
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Gold Award Project Spotlight

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Eating Healthy on a Budget- Elise W., Summerfield

Elise’s project tries to combat the belief that only people with a higher income can have a healthy diet. Elise saw too many people engaging in poor eating habits, simply because it was a cheaper option. She worked with dieticians, physicians and other experts at The Villages Health to research on this issue. She created a research paper that explains how people can implement healthy eating habits without breaking the bank. She has shared the information she compiled with local chefs so they can pass it along to their students. Elise is a 2019 graduate of The Villages Charter School in Marion County.

Recycling Awareness- Julie P., Tampa

Julie believes in the importance of preserving our environment and that a key component to this, is early education. Her project targets children in elementary school and kindergarten so they can learn about the importance of recycling and start habits at a young age. Julie worked with recycling coordinators at City of Tampa to research the issue and put together an engaging program for her school visits. She also partnered with local grocery stores to have reusable grocery bags donated to her recycling education program. Julie is a junior at Berkley Preparatory School. 

Rebekah C., Seffner

Rebekah noticed her peers were less inclined to read the older they got, either because they were too busy or unable to afford the books that interested them. Her project allows older students to pick up free books during their daily activities like visiting the gym, getting ice cream or during after school programs. Rebekah’s goal is to encourage middle and high school students to pick up a book instead of their smartphone during their daily routine. She worked with high school teachers to secure more than $350 in donated books for her Readboxes. She hosted Build-A-Box and Paint-A-Box days in order to get the community involved on her project. Rebekah is a 2019 graduate of Strawberry Crest High School.

Be My Friend Bench- Ashlyn B., Clearwater

Ashlyn devoted more than 95 hours to her project, which aims to improve self-confidence and kindness among children in preschool and kindergarten. Ashlyn remembered how lonely she sometimes felt as a child if her best friend was absent from school. She recalled it being intimidating to ask to be included in activities. If a child is experiencing similar feelings, they can sit on the bench to let other children know they would like to be included in recess games. Children learn about this system through pamphlets and an informational video Ashlyn created. Ashlyn is a 2019 graduate of Gibbs High School.