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6 Reasons to be an Early Bird


It’s that time of year again...spring is dawning and you’re beginning the preparations for year-end activities like bridging and awards, while looking forward to a fun summer. Fall seems like a long time away, but it will be here sooner than you think, making this the perfect time to renew your membership for another year of fun in Girl Scouts. The 2019–20 Girl Scout year begins on Oct. 1 and we’ve got six great reasons why you should be an Early Bird and renew your membership between April 1 and June 30!

It’s so easy with online renewal.
Just go to the MyGS link on any page at and log in to renew yourself and your entire troop.

Girls receive a special patch.
Have you seen how cool that Early Bird patch is? All girls who renew as part of a troop, or as a Juliette between April 1 and June 30 will receive our celebratory Early Bird patch to sport proudly all year long.

We’re offering tons of incentives!
You’ll help your troop and service unit reach their goals and, as a bonus, there are some fantastic Early Bird incentives (click here to see).

Cookie proceeds cover the cost.
Using the proceeds from the Girl Scout Cookie Program to renew all the girls in your troop gives them the satisfaction of being self-sufficient; they worked hard to earn that money and this is an immediate result.

You’ll be ready to jump right into the Fall Product Program!
Start your year off right by earning funds for girls to use towards even more fun.

Parents receive benefits as well.
By renewing now, parents can be sure their girl(s) will be right back in the same troop come the fall. Plus, it will be one less item on their very full to-do list when fall arrives and they’re in back-to-school mode.

So let’s recap, shall we?
When you renew early you’ll have the chance to win some fantastic Early Bird incentives, and spend the summer relaxing, and dreaming of all the fun, adventurous, activities your troop will get to enjoy in the 2019–20 membership year. Plus, your girls will all receive the cool, new Early Bird patch! Now isn’t that a pretty sweet package deal of awesomeness?

Not sure how to renew? No sweat! Check out our Parent Renewal Walk Through for step by step instructions.