31 Reasons Why We LOVE Our Volunteers
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31 Reasons Why We LOVE Our Volunteers


April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month! We are celebrating the women and men who dedicate so much of their time and talents to our organization all month long. Each day, we are posting special video messages on Facebook directly from the girls themselves thanking volunteers for all that they do. There are so many reason why we love our volunteers but we've narrowed it down to our top 31 reasons!

  1. They open a world of new possibilities for girls
    From their first camping trip to advocating for National Parks, from building a newspaper tower to becoming a Civil Engineer, our volunteers give girls experiences that open them up to endless possibilities.
  2. They are dedicated. Our volunteers understand the importance of empowering the leaders of tomorrow.
  3. They give their time. Our volunteers juggle busy schedules, careers, school, and other obligations, but they still find time for our girls.
  4. Our volunteers are positive, cheery, and bright!  They’re smiling even when getting up at 5 AM to get breakfast started for an encampment, or listening to a girl tell her the same story for the millionth time. They always bring a smile and a positive attitude.
  5. The strength and determination of just one volunteer can effect change. They help our girls become programmers, senators, CEOs, and leaders who make the world a better place. And their impact is multiplied by every girl they help.
  6. They’re role models to our G.I.R.L.s inspiring them to become Go-getters, Innovators, Risk takers and Leaders.  Because our Girl Scouts see volunteers going the extra mile, thinking outside the box, being open-minded, and mentoring, girls are able to see themselves as go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders, too.
  7. They are a constant reminder that everyone can make a difference in the lives of others.  They show us that everything you do has an impact, and you can change the world with even the simplest act of kindness.
  8. Their passion is infectious and motivates us to always do our best. Our volunteers love what they do, and share their passion with everyone they meet. Their dedication and zeal inspires us every day.
  9. They are addressing an important need. The world needs more women of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. Every day, our volunteers act to ensure the Girl Scouts of today become the leaders of tomorrow.
  10. They listen to our girls. With the busyness of life it’s rare that anyone listens to girls whole heartily without thinking first about how to respond. Our volunteers genuinely and empathically listen.
  11. They pass on their knowledge and skills. They share their knowledge and guide girls through the Journeys, Take Action projects, badge work, and so many other experiences.
  12. By sharing their expertise they are inspiring girls to see themselves in variety of careers and industries. You have to see it to be it, and by sharing their knowledge in areas where women are under-represented, they inspire our girls to smash the glass ceiling!
  13. They make the little things count.  Whether it’s reading her a story on her first camping trip so she won’t feel so homesick, or re-reading her High Award paperwork for the millionth time.  Our volunteers recognize no task is too small or insignificant, and everything they do is making a difference in the life of a girl.
  14. Volunteers make dreams come true.  They support our girls as they shoot for the stars and take steps to achieve their goals. From learning to ride a horse, to earning her Girl Scout Gold Award, our volunteers teach our girls that no dream is to big, and nothing is out of their reach.
  15. Help our girls develop lifelong skills.  Whether it’s learning to build a camp fire, managing a budget, or working as a team. These experiences have a large impact in girls’ lives and help them grow to become successful women.
  16. Our volunteers help our girls realize their potential. They turn “I can’t.” into “I will!” and “I’m scared.” into “I got this!” Our volunteers help girls take safe risks and push their comfort zones to uncover their full potential.
  17. They try new things, take risks and fail. Our volunteers say yes even if they don’t know how to do something. They teach our girls that making mistakes and learning from them is an important part of life.
  18. They make our girls feels safe. Our volunteers create a place where girls feel safe, confident, and unafraid of failure. They make our girls feel ready to take on challenges and the next great adventure.
  19. They are creative.  They find innovative solutions and help our girls understand that if something is not working they can find another way to make it happen.
  20. They help girls learn far beyond the classroom. Our volunteers provide opportunities and experiences to help girls learn by doing, setting them on the path to success.   
  21. They embrace diversity and inclusion. They aim to empower every GIRL regardless of her race, ethnicity, socio economic status, disability or geographic location.
  22. They step up. They’re hand raisers, go-getters, and do-it-yourselfers. They carry the torch, lead the charge, and volunteer.  They know what needs to be done and they make it happen.
  23. They take the lead to help to Girl Scout families to understand and embrace our mission.  We’re an organization with more than 100 years of history, and it can be overwhelming when you first get started. Our Service Unit Volunteers guide new leaders, who in turn guide parents and families, and help them embrace our mission to build girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place.
  24. They are the core of girls’ experiences in Girl Scouting and they ROCK IT!  Without our amazing volunteers our girls would never have the amazing leadership experiences they have in Girl Scouting.
  25. They help in every capacity of our organization. They’re not just troop leaders, they serve as service unit team members, facilitators, event staff, organizers, bookkeepers, cookie chairs, high award advisors, board members, committee members, encampment directors, and First Aiders. The list can go on and on with many volunteers serving in multiple roles. They do it all!
  26. They aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.  Our volunteers help girls camp in the rain, muck out the stalls in our barns, and clean up after making slime, but above all else, they always help our girls leave a place better than they found it.
  27. They teach girls the importance of giving back. In addition to leading girls through Take Action and service projects, our volunteers are role models for giving back to the community, teaching our girls that it’s important to do everything you can to make the world a better place.
  28. They instill Courage, Confidence and Character.  We would never be able to create the leaders of tomorrow, if it weren’t for our volunteers. They work tirelessly to ensure that we can accomplish our mission and build go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders (G.I.R.L.s) who make the world a better place.
  29. They can build a fortress out of cookie cases in their living room.  They live in cookie kingdoms filled with paperwork and seemingly endless counting, and still encourage our girls to go big with their cookie sale.
  30. There’s no “I” in team but we’re glad there’s a “U” in our volunteers. Each and every one of our volunteers is amazing and special, and we’re so glad they’re on our team!
  31. Our volunteers are the lifeline of our organization. Without these amazing women and men we would never be able to build go-getters, innovators, risk-takers, and leaders (G.I.R.L.s) of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

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