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Soar Above and Go Beyond with the Fall Product Program

Fall Product Program

Our brand new Fall Product Program has officially begun and we’re so excited to share all the innovative enhancements from our new program partner M2 Media Group. Today we’re giving you a preview of what’s in store and why you should participate in the program.  Here are 15 ways to Soar Above and Go Beyond with the 2018 Fall Product Program.

1-5. Learn 5 Essential Skills
The Fall Product Program is a great introduction to running your own business. When girls participate they earn more than just patches and rewards, they get hands-on experience to help them become successful in the future (the 5 skills aren’t just for Girl Scout Cookies). The Fall Product Program is an awesome starting point for building essential skills that girls can use for a lifetime:

1. Goal-setting – as she sets fall product goals and makes a plan to reach them.

2. Decision-making – as she helps decide how her troop will spend the money they earn.

3. Money management – as she makes a budget, takes orders and handles customers’ money.

4. People skills – as she learns to talk and listen to all kinds of people while selling.

5. Business ethics – as she is honest and responsible every step of the way.

6. NEW Fall Products
This year, we teamed up with M2 Media Group and Trophy Nut as our new program partners. That means we have new nut and candy products to choose from. But don’t worry, it hasn’t changed too much. We still have commemorative Girl Scout and seasonal holiday tins, perfect for gifting, along with other classic treats like fruit slices and chocolate covered nuts and raisins. And we have also added some totally new products like the Gorp Tail Mix in a supersized 30 oz container, Mint Trefoils and Peppermint Bark. Girls still have the option to sell products with the paper order card and/or through online sales.

7. Start building troop funds NOW
It’s a long time until we kickoff our 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program and there’s too much cool stuff to do right now. The average troop earns $250 in startup money to fund troop activities and get their year started off right! Girls will help their troops earn money to buy supplies, pay membership fees, and give back to the community with service projects.

**Here’s an idea** Remember how we mentioned goal setting earlier?  Take some time and review the Program Events guide with your troop. Pick out a fun event to attend, figure out how much you need to sell to go and set the goal! You can do it, you’re a Girl Scout after all!

8. Earn Awesome Rewards
Girls love getting the rewards as much as we love giving them. Great patches, clothing apparel, plushies, accessories, travel bags, Bluetooth headphones, even tickets to see Masters of Illusion or visit the Florida Aquarium! Check out all the rewards.

9. Fill your Vest/Sash
The Product Sales Programs are a surefire way for girls to load up their Girl Scout vest or sash with the colorful patches they earn. Girls will show off their stellar sales skills by displaying patches that fit together to form a whole scene - Maggie flying her plane with a banner, high above in the clouds on a sunny day.   

10. Care to Share
Giving back to the community never tasted so good! The Care to Share program donates items to our military troops overseas as well as our local veteran and food banks. Girls that sell a minimum of 5 Care to Share items will receive the Care to Share patch. Items sold through this program will be distributed with the help of Support the Troops, Inc.

11. Create your own Avatar
Speaking of awesome rewards… the coolest feature of the new program is girls can design a Me2 Avatar that they can customize to look like themselves and fit their own individuality.  This avatar will be featured on her website (see #12 for more info on that). Girls can even earn a patch that features their Me2 Avatar.

12. Easy Online Sales
Online magazine, nut and candy sales just got even easier with the M2 media site. Girls will create their own online personalized storefront with their Me2 Avatar. Girls can record a personalized message for their avatar to deliver with their own voice. Add in customer email addresses and the system will send out a couple of reminder messages throughout the sale to help drive more online sales. Girls can earn the “Soar Above” patch just by simply registering online and entering at least 15 email addresses.

13. Cookie Crossover
This new system isn’t just for Fall Product Sales. GSWCF was chosen to pilot the same M2 system for online sales during the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Customer information will already be saved from the sale in the fall making the cookie sale even easier! As an added bonus, there’s an opportunity to earn another patch with their Me2 Avatar with the Cookie Crossover patch. Be on the lookout for more information as we gear up for cookie season.

14.   Moose on the Loose Contest
Meet Maggie the Moose, our official Fall Product Program mascot! She’s on the loose and going on adventures throughout our council. We’ll be posting sightings of Maggie on her travels on our Facebook page. At the end of the Fall Product Program, one lucky Girl Scout entrepreneur will get to take Maggie home! Learn more about the Maggie the Moose contest.

15. All Girl Scouts Can Participate!
Not in a Troop? Or in a Troop that's not participating? You can still be involved! Any Girl Scout can earn rewards and receive council credits from participating in the Fall Product Program. To get started, please contact your troop fall product program manager or email us Learn more.

Important Dates to Remember… 

  • September 7
    Fall Product Program begins (both paper and online)
  • October 14
    Paper ordering ends
  • November 3-5
    Nut/Candy deliveries are held for troops to pick up orders. Girls begin delivery of products.
  • November 4
    Online orders end

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! 
If you have questions concerning participation in the Fall Product Program, contact the product sales team at