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Silver Award Spotlight: Bobcat Book Exchange


Lindsey D., Girl Scout Senior

One of my favorite Girl Scout experiences I had this year was completing my Silver Award with two of my friends from Troop 986. We created a system of mini libraries across our middle school called the Bobcat Book Exchange. This was a really hard (but fun) project we got to work on. It took A LOT of planning, design, and elbow grease, but it was a really great experience to be able to build something like this up from the ground with my best friends!

We learned a lot about advocating for issues we care about and team work; let me say some of our team meetings in the beginning definitely did not go the smoothest.  As we continued our project, we grew as a team and as people.

One of the best parts of this experience was when we would meet up at each-others houses to build the boxes and plan, doing handy work is so much fun when your with your friends (and even better if you accidentally throw some paint at them). We might have gone a little wild with the wood scraps and left over spray paint it was like the best of both worlds. Making a difference in our community and getting to bond with my friends. 


The Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn. These awards give girls the chance to do BIG things in their communities and around the world by supporting and advocating for issues they care about. Learn more about the steps in takes to earn these awards and see how you can start making an impact.

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