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Florida Cyber Conference 2018


Alex and I had the privilege of going to the Florida Cyber Conference to represent Girl Scouts and talk about the new Cyber Security and STEM badges Girl Scouts released this year. When we first arrived we were able to attend the hacking competition where teams tested companies’ cybersecurity.

Shortly after, we learned how to pick locks by using only two tools. The more picks in a lock we found made it harder to unlock.

Later on, we went into the expo hall and went to different booths representing companies and what they do to help protect our community. There was a model display of Tampa made completely from 3D printing called Cyberville. The display showed what would happen if someone were to break into Tampa’s utilities. For example, they had a model representing what would happen if someone were to break into TECO power plant. If they did a fog would be released on the entire city.

At the end of our trip, we were given competition coins as a thank you for attending the Florida Cyber Conference!

Girl Scouts has so many innovative programs just for girls who want to learn more in the STEM world. Check out these total techie events coming up this year...

Code Girls | Nov. 17 | USF
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SumoBots | Oct. 27 | inGenio Hub Maker Studio
Take on the challenge of building battle robots to compete against your opponent’s robot in the Sumo Ring. You’ll build a strong, stable robot that utilizes sensors and is ready to take on its opponent! Learn More

Art + Bots | Nov. 3 or Jan. 12 | Glazer Children's Museum
Discover where art and robotics come together in this STEAM focused program. Dive into robotics as you create original works of art with robots. Learn More

Physics of Flight | Jan. 20 | iFly Indoor Skydiving
Take part in the interactive ‘physics of flight’ presentation on real-world application of STEM with wind tunnels. Learn more

Our biggest STEM event of the year - STEMapalooza on April 6, 2019 at Florida Polytechnic University! Learn more