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Camp CEO: The Journey from Inspiration to Action through Mentorship

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It is hard to put into words and write a single blog post about the power and impact of this program. The weekend is filled with so many magical moments that it seems writing a story about it wouldn’t do it justice. I’m going to do my best to convey impacts of this incredible experience and why we continue to invest in growing this program, connecting more girls with incredible female leaders in our region.

In Girl Scouts, we work every day to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place. It is our mission and at the core of everything we do. Camp CEO maximizes these qualities in our girls and demonstrates through our Camp CEO coaches how to live these principles in life.

One of the most important outcomes of the weekend is helping our high school Girl Scouts build a network. Our girls are in a critical life stage, one where they are making decisions about their future, working hard on their academics, and several have spent many years dedicated to their scouting journey. They are figuring out their next steps, discovering even more about who they are and what they want to become, and taking steps to earn their high awards. Camp CEO gives our girls a system of support. They have long learned in Girl Scouts the importance of team work. This experience shows them that we all need network of support to achieve our goals in life. To show them women supporting women, unconditionally, is a beautiful thing. We are modeling for them that supporting one another and building each other up is the best way for all of us to be successful.

The program teaches powerful life lessons. The women who coach our girls share their skills and stories, teaching important life lessons to our girls. We discuss the role failure plays in learning and success. We model how to overcome obstacles and setbacks. We tackle issues of confidence and establishing goals. We talk about finance and budgeting for what you want to achieve. We teach the importance of etiquette and how to present yourself to the world. We do this in a safe, supportive environment where they can work one on one with an adult coach, who can provide perspective and support. These relationships do not stop at the weekend, the continue to grow.

Camp CEO shows the many faces of leadership. From personal leadership to career and civic leadership, our adult coaches share their experiences, successes, failures, challenges, inspirations. They share their leadership lessons, their leadership style, and their values. This is critical for our girls and we are committed to sharing the diversity of leadership, modeling for them that leadership is found in all of us and how to tap into the talent inside all of us.

We also focus on our strengths and use StrengthsFinder to anchor our program. Helping our girls define their strengths and capitalize on them. We help them to see the diverse strengths in others and how to use this knowledge to work effectively as a team. We celebrate our differences as strengths and how this builds our community.  We teach them how to verbalize their strengths and use them to navigate this critical time of life.

Finally, we give our girls the opportunity to experience reverse mentoring. There are moments throughout the weekend where our girls become the coaches and teach the adults how to build a fire, roast a s’more, shoot an arrow, and guide a canoe. They also lead camp sing-a-longs and traditional Girl Scout activities including investiture, scout’s own ceremony, and honoring our flag. It is powerful when the girls practice their leadership and share the values and skills of Girl Scouting that are most important to them.

I’ve said it many times, Camp CEO is an magical experience. I could write a book on the magnitude of the program and all of the rich information shared. The most important thing is the women supporting women, women inspiring women, and women building up women.  There isn’t much in this world that is more important than this.

Here's what our Camp CEO participants have to say about their experience...

Camp CEO Girls:

  • Camp CEO was absolutely incredible! Each year I come back to be astounded at just how much I get out of this experience. Meeting fabulous, genuine women who shared their stories of strength, confidence, and the obstacles they’ve encountered has given me an immense amount courage and inspiration. I cannot express just how much this weekend means to me, and how excited I am to know that this continues to grow with more women and girls involved each year!
  • I am so thrilled that I was able to attend Camp CEO for the second year in a row! This camp is such an incredible opportunity for girls to learn the ins and outs of the professional working world, and gain the opportunity to meet women who can help then succeed. Thank you so much for allowing me to attend and experience this incredible one of a kind event!!

Camp CEO Coaches:

  • Each time I am more and more impressed with our next generation of girl leaders and it is such an honor to have the opportunity for us to be a small part of their journey. 
  • What an amazing weekend with the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida for Camp CEO! I am so honored to be a coach/mentor to these wonderful young ladies who will truly be our future! I am so inspired! I have such great memories to cherish
  • Thank you, Girl Scouts of West Central Florida!! It was an honor. It was an experience. It was an opportunity. If you get a chance to support a G.I.R.L., and learn right along with her at the Girl Scouts Camp Wai Lani #Camp CEO, say “Yes, thanks”, get ready, be there, and engage fully. Through the environment, the topics, the other coaches, and especially the girls, it absolutely is a memory-making weekend!

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