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A New Year of Endless Possibilities!

The new Girl Scout program year is officially here! This is just the start to a whole year of endless possibilities to try new things, take risks and seek adventure. Whether you're joining a troop for the very first time or you're returning, each year brings new opportunities and programs only Girl Scouts can offer. So ask yourself... How are you going to give back to the community? What fears are you going to overcome? What new places will you explore? How many badges are you going to earn? What will you create? Now's the time to dream big and make it happen.

To give you a little inspiration, today we're sharing a blog from Amanda C., a Girl Scout Junior from the Tierra Del Sol Service Unit. She shares some of the awesome things she got to do last year in Girl Scouts. 

Amanda C, Girl Scout Junior

As a Girl Scout, I get to try new things and challenge myself. Each girl in my troop gets to have a say in what she wants to do, we each have a voice and help plan the activities. Last year, my troop did a lot of fun things together that I probably wouldn’t have gotten to do without Girl Scouts.

One of my favorite things we did was Santa Fest, which happens in December every year in downtown Tampa. Our troop dressed up as reindeer, snowmen, trees and presents.  We walked around the parade route and handed out lollipops.  It’s a lot of fun.  We even went ice skating after the parade.

We also went to USF for the Engineering Expo. It’s a STEM-related event. Every year, we do a different Girl Scout activity – like making paper airplanes or making electric connections. There are also a whole bunch of activities for everyone there – like science stations. My favorite is always the Chemical Engineering section. We have made playdough and kinetic sand there.

Sometimes, my Girl Scout troop goes on field trips to do fun things like robotics. We programmed Ozobots, learned about coding by playing a video game, and we got to build a LEGO robot that actually moved. Our group’s robot was named, “Bob.” Another group’s robot was named, “Destructor.” It is always a blast doing field trips with our troop.

Our troop represented Germany at our school’s multicultural night. We had bratwurst, black forest cake, and German chocolate cupcakes. Other people set up tables representing other countries. We got to walk around to learn about and sample food their countries.

We also did a lot of cool activities during our troop meetings – like making dolls or yoga.  We always have snack, which is normally delicious. We made smoothies and homemade ice cream this year.

I love being a Girl Scout. It is amazing. I have a lot of great friends in my troop. I think every girl should join Girl Scouts and do fun things, too.

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