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Wicked "For Good" Day


Breana W., Girl Scout Cadette

Hi my name is Breana W. and I am a second year Cadette in the service unit called Beautiful Waters.

I recently got the privilege of attending a backstage Girl Scout Workshop about the play Wicked but, that wasn't even the best part later that night we all got to go and see the play too!!! How cool is that?!?

At the backstage workshop they played fun games with us that taught us more about the play and the real message behind the story. They also told us some cool fun facts. For example, did you know that the character Elphaba actually got her name from the author of the original story the "Wizard of OZ", El Frank Baum. El- Pha-Ba.

I was a little nervous going in but, I was excited once I got there and I saw that I wasn't the only girl my age! During the workshop, dance captains, who know every dance from the show, came out and taught us one of the dance and song numbers. They played a game show with teh audience and it was lots of fun.

I also entered a writing contest they offered about “Doing Good”. I wrote about a service project my troop did in December with Be a Santa to A Senior. I was picked as a finalist and got to read my speech to everyone who was there.   The winner got a backstage tour after the real show. I didn’t win, but I was still so excited!!!  

I think other Girl Scouts would LOVE to try new experiences like this Wicked workshop because they always open new doors for you and your friends! They are fun too. I got to learn so much about the real message behind the story and the actual play itself. The lesson I learned that I think people all around the word should learn and know is that Good is what holds this world together.

The next fun Girl Scout experience I have coming up is a camping trip on the Hillsborough River. We are going to canoe up to our campsite, pitch our tents and go hiking in the morning. I can't wait, but until then I still have this amazing day experience to linger on!!!

Keep doing good in this beautiful world.

Girl Scouts has so many amazing programs and opportunities just like this one offered throughout the year. Find something fun to do by visiting our calendar of events