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STEMapalooza Event Recap

2017 STEMapalooza_header

Breana W., Girl Scout Cadette

Hi my name is Breana! Recently I had an amazing opportunity that was a chance to go and visit STEMapalooza! STEM stands for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. There was so much to do at STEMapalooza when I walked I didn't even know where to start. There were stations set up around the gigantic room which had different activities. My favorite activity was probably the marshmallow launcher. At the marshmallow station you can build a launcher out of recyclables such as paper cups, a balloon, duct tape, and then of course you need marshmallows!

When I was done making the launcher they even built a target so we could practice our aim. I wasn't all at good but somehow that made me love it even more! Some of the stations even counted for badge steps. For example they, set up a sewing station where you could practice your sewing skills. I never realized that I was that good at sewing before. They let us sew burlap purses with yarn and, when we were done they even showed us how to add beads on to the purse.

While I was at STEMapalooza I met the Geocache guy. He showed me how he builds all of the cool caches such as the one in the video shown below. Geocaching is like letter-boxing but, you can download an app with geocaching to find all of cool caches. For those of you who don't know what geocaching or letter-boxing is, it is like a treasure hunt but some caches get very intricate as you can see in the video. The man in the video is like a professional geocacher. He builds his own caches for people to find. He loves teaching other people how to make, find, and build their own caches. Check out the video down below to see one of his amazing puzzle caches!

I had a blast at STEMapalooza and, I hope to see you guys there next year!!!

Mia, Girl Scout Junior

It's no joke that I went to STEMapalooza at MOSI on April's Fool's Day this year. There was so much to see and explore. Here are some highlights from my day. I met a baby alligator named Lily who lives at Busch Gardens.  Even though she was 1 year old, I was a little scared to go near her, but I did. Then, I made a squirrel house with wood and nails. It was a bit tricky!

Also, I made a purse made from burlap, yarn and beads for my mom.  I learned about cyber safety, helping turtles at the beach and saw the science experiments that some Girl Scouts had done. I would recommend STEMapalooza at MOSI to all my Girl Scout Friends!