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STEM Spring Break Day Camp

Rebecca, Girl Scout Senior

One day during spring break, I volunteered at a STEM day camp for younger Girl Scouts that was held at the GSWCF Leadership Center in Tampa.  It served as a sampler of the STEM Summer Camps that are being offered this year. GSWCF offered several of these one day camps in different parts of our council. There was a variety of activities planned for the day.  A few of the activities were making lava lamps, sewing, and creating stories based on constellations.  The day was divided into four sections based on the four summer camps offered. 

The first part of the day was centered around the girls being able to create things by hand.  It was a sample of the Movers & Makers Camp.  We taught the girls how to sew.  They learned the running stitch and the back stitch. I think they really enjoyed it and will be able to stitch something up if they need to.  

The second part of the day was my personal favorite. We watched two episodes of Project MC2, which is a popular web series, and created the lava lamp from the show. It was a sampler of the Spy School.   Unfortunately, I did have to leave about halfway through the day, so I was not present for the other parts.

The third part of the day was a sampler of the Seeing Stars Camp and the girls learned about constellations and made their own stories about them.

The last part of the day was based off of the Made With Code camp and the girls learned how to code using an easily understandable program. From my experience before I left, I believe that the last two activities were amazing and that everyone had a lot of fun.

GSWCF’s STEM Camps and programs are really popular and super fun. Learn more about the wide variety of camp options available this summer by visiting