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Living the Promise and Law

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I still remember when I first learned the Girl Scout Promise as a Brownie. It was amazing to me how easily those words were recalled when attending a Woman of Distinction luncheon years later as an adult. It hit me the importance and the power of those incredible words, they were imprinted on my mind and my heart. It is how we all want to live our lives. We aren’t perfect and sometimes we fail, but keeping these values top of mind can guide us in the future.

As we begin a new council year, I wanted to share a special reflection of our core values and principles. Our Girl Advisory Board took the Promise and the Law to a whole new level.

At one of our recent meetings, we spent 90 minutes discussing what the Promise and Law looks like in action. Why was this important? Well, while it is good to read these words and commit to them, it is another to clearly articulate what they mean to our girls and how they’ve seen them exemplified by others. Connecting these wonderful words to specific actions is how we learn and grow.

It was such a great discussion. Our Girl Scouts showed me that the organization and what we stand for has made a tremendous impact on their lives. Their responses were thoughtful, powerful, forward-thinking, courageous, generous, kind, and strong.

Here are just a few examples of what the girls had to say about the Girl Scout Law. 

  • Honest and Fair: If you make a mistake, tell the truth about it and don't feel ashamed. 
  • Friendly and Helpful: Be friendly towards everyone, not just your friends. 
  • Considerate and Caring: Be mindful of your impact on other people.
  • Courageous and Strong: Challenge the expectations of society
  • Responsible for what I say and do: Accept consequences for your words and actions. 
  • Respect myself and others; respect authority: Remember that you can't love others until you learn to love yourself.
  • Use resources wisely: Be efficient and conserve resources. 
  • Make the world a better place: Leave a legacy that will outlive you.
  • Be a sister to every Girl Scout: When someone is down, help them get back up.

We compiled all of their responses and created a wonderful one-pager of the Girl Advisory Board Law in action. Please print and share, it is a wonderful reminder of why we are Girl Scouts.

Download Girl Scout Law Sheet

Use this as an opportunity to talk to your daughter and find out what the Promise and Law means to her. She might even surprise you with wisedom far beyond her years.

I’m so proud of our girls. I’m thrilled they recognize the importance of the values we were founded on and how these apply in our lives today.


P.S. We are still accepting applications for the Girl Advisory Board, click here to learn more!

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