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How to have a G.I.R.L. Summer

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Summer is here! I have heard a collective sigh of relief from parents and kids alike. There is something to the change of pace, the change of season, and closing of life chapters that has us all looking forward to the summer months ahead.

Here is how you can enjoy summer to the fullest and still bring out that G.I.R.L. in your daughter. 

Encourage her boldness

Does your girl have a goal? She can unleash her inner go-getter by working on accomplishing one over the summer. Does she want to start a business, volunteer in the community, or plan a fun event with her friends? Talk to your daughter about what she’d like to accomplish over the summer and give her the space and support to achieve those goals.

Let her be an innovator. During those summertime afternoon rain showers, encourage her to use her imagination and create. In their first week of summer break, my girls made a huge play area out of cardboard boxes for our new kitten. They loved the challenge and the kitten loved the result! There are a ton of resources online they can research to create cool things this summer from home-grown science experiments to building forts. And, you likely already have the supplies needed at home!

Help her step outside of her comfort zone and be that risk-taker on family vacations or staycations! Brainstorm with her experiences she might like to have in new places. This will help her grow, gain confidence and create memories to last a lifetime. This could be anything from paddle boarding or kayaking for the first time, trying a new sport, or even riding a new theme park ride.

Encourage her leadership by letting her take charge of planning some of your summer fun. If you are traveling somewhere over the summer, have your daughter do research and bring ideas to the table for family activities. You can also encourage her personal leadership by teaching her how to set an alarm each morning or showing her how to do her own laundry. At the appropriate age, our girls can begin to spread their wings of independence and display their personal leadership.

If you are still looking for fun summer activity options for your girls, don’t forget about Girl Scout camp! We have only a few spots left this summer.

Here’s to making this summer a great time of growth and fun with family!