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Adventures of a Cookie CEO Part 2



Girl Scout Cadette - Remi 

We're back with part two of our new blog series highlighting what it's like to be a Cookie CEO! These girls are busy young entrepreneurs who still find time to manage their cookie businesses between school, homework, sports, extracurricular activities, work and spending time with friends and family. How do they find time to do it all? Keep reading to find out...

Friday Evening 

I finished all my pre-order deliveries. It is important to deliver all the pre-orders before cookie booth season starts. I was happy to gain many new customers this year. 

Saturday Morning 

Katie, Ashley and I tried a cookie booth at a new location to see if there would be a good turnout. It was a little slow, but we had a lot of fun. Luckily, I got my favorite job, being the cashier. I got to make change and test my math skills. 

Saturday Midday 

My troop headed off to Camp Wildwood for an overnight. We stayed up late making slime and singing karaoke. 

Sunday Morning

We went trail riding at Camp Wildwood. Grooming and riding horses was a great way to take a little break during the busy cookie season. It is nice to know that some of the money we raise during cookie season is used to fund the Girl Scout camps and equestrian program.

Sunday Night

Eleanor and I worked a three hour cookie booth at Walmart, one of our favorite locations. About halfway through the cookie booth, we sold out of the newest flavor of cookie, S'Mores, which had gained quite a bit of popularity. 


No rest during cookie season. Monday, President's Day, Ashley, Eleanor and I ran a cookie booth at Publix. A lot of people were asking for the S'More cookies because they had heard they were good. Our troop will have to order more next year. 

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There's still time to find Girl Scout Cookies! Cookie booths are open until March 12. Find your nearest one by visiting