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Adventures of a Cookie CEO Part 1


The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-run business in the entire world! Each year, millions of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies are sold to hungry customers looking for a sweet seasonal treat. The best part of all, those boxes are sold and distributed by individual girls and troops from all across the country. What people often forget - these girls are busy young entrepreneurs who still find time to manage their cookie businesses between school, homework, sports, extracurricular activities, work and spending time with friends and family. This year, we are highlighting how Girl Scouts can balance it all with a special three part blog series spotlighting different girls from west central Florida during cookie season.

Girl Scout Cadette Lauren

Friday Night

Cooking Dinner for my parents.  Good thing we got all that cooking practice when we were working on our cooking badge! 

Family Game Night with my parents.  Getting my Rummikub on!

Saturday Morning

Finishing my pre-order cookie deliveries with my good friend and troopmate, Caite.  Even a torrential downpour couldn't stop us from delivering our cookies!

Saturday Afternoon

We are trying to create a partnership with an animal rescue as part of our Silver Award Project, so we went to talk to the lady in charge of the Pet Rescue Group, Cat Crusaders.  

Saturday Evening

Caite and I had so much fun delivering cookies and playing with the adoptable kittens that we decided to get some frozen yogurt and have a sleepover.  Luckily, my mother thought a sleepover was a great idea, too!

Sunday Morning

 My troopmate Mya and I decorating posters for today's cookie booths.  We decided some Toffee Tastics were needed to get us in the cookie-selling mood!

My Troopmates, Mya, Bella, and I are manning a cookie booth at the Publix by my house.  Hopefully, we will see lots of our neighbors shopping!  We have all been in Girl Scouts for years and we have a lot of fun talking to customers at the booth!

Sunday Afternoon

After a brief break for lunch, I am now setting up for my second cookie booth of the day down the street.  We ran out of Toffee Tastics after the morning booth, so it's a good thing I bought a box earlier so I didn't miss out!  I had a fun cookie weekend and I can't wait to do it again next week!

What fun adventures did you encounter this Girl Scout Cookie season? Share your stories and photos with us! Who knows? You might be featured in an upcoming blog or on our social media!