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Advice for First-time Campers from Addison

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Addison, Girl Scout Cadette

Hello Everybody!                                            

This summer will be my fourth year going to a resident camp at Camp Wildwood, and I’ve enjoyed it very, very much every time.  I keep coming back to camp because of the amazing independence you feel.  The first time I went to camp, I was very scared.  I then realized that making new friends out of my cabin-mates and getting to do more activities than I would do on a normal summer day at home was more exciting than I ever could have imagined.  As an added bonus, we were having so much fun, we didn’t even remember to be scared!

For first time campers, my number one recommendation is to bring an extra pair of flip-flops that you’re okay with getting dirty and wet.  These flip-flops are for the showers so that you’re not actually touching the shower floor.  Every year I have gone, there has been at least one girl that has not brought shower slides.  She was miserable when it came to shower time.

Overall, resident summer camp is a wonderful experience, especially at Camp Wildwood because of the horses. 

Happy Camping,


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