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Tips for Cookie Booth Success

The cookies have arrived! Beginning today, the sweet smell of Samoas will fill the air in front of grocery stores from Davenport to Gulfport and all the way up passed Ocala. To get your booth sales started off in the right foot we’re sharing a few cookie booth tips.

Goals, Goals, GOALS!
If you haven’t already done so, talk with your troop to set a cookie sales goal for this year. Decide what activities or service projects you want to accomplish then figure out how many boxes of cookies you will need to sell in order to reach your goal.

So, you set your goal? Awesome! Now share it with the world! Put your goal on display at your booth– create a chart with your goals at different levels. Each time someone buys cookies you’re one step closer reaching to that goal.

Impact of Cookies
These little boxes of cookies can make a big impact in your community. Share with your customers what you plan to do with the money. Do you have a big community service project planned? Let me know how you will use your cookie money to make the world a better. 

Don’t forget to tell customers about the Gift of Caring program too. Make Gift of Caring drop box and each time you get a donation add another box of cookies to the bin.  Fill the box!

It’s don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that BLING!
The Bling Your Booth Challenge is back! This is your chance to turn your cookie booth into an awesome eye catching display. We know you Girl Scouts are creative and crafty. Get together with members of your troop to come up with a theme, design and execute it. Make it colorful, dress up, add signs, and even lights. Have fun and make your booth stand out from the crowd. You have two chances to win by entering our local GSWCF contest and the nationwide GSUSA contest. Last year, Brownie Troop #601019 was one of the GSUSA winners. This year it could be your troop!

Cookie Crunch Time! Stop by the Girl Scout Store to stock up on cookie merchandise from table cloths and box displays to t-shirts, bags and even cookie jars! For Every $50 spent in cookie merchandise during the month of February at the Girl Scout Store, get a FREE Girl Scout yard sign ($7.50 value) or car magnet ($4.95 value). In-store purchases only and while supplies last.

Enhance the cookie booth experience

  • Offer free samples. Put bit size pieces of cookies on a tray for prospective customers to try. It’s hard not to buy a box of cookies once you’ve tasted the delicious flavors.
  • It can be scary talking to strangers for the first time. Come up with an "elevator speech" this is a short sales pitch and practice beforehand.
  • Have you ever tipped the staff at Cold Stone Creamery? They show their appreciation with a musical number or peppy cheer. Come up with your own ‘Thank You’ song or cheer to thank customers for their purchase.
  • Make cookie box bundles. Put together 2 or more boxes of cookies decorated with ribbon and a bow. Come up with themes like “Peanut Butter Lovers” for Tagalongs and Do Si Dos.
  • Give out Girl Scout Cookie recipe cards with each purchase. Show customers what decadent treats they can make with the box they just purchased.
  • Word of Mouth! Tell your friends at school where your next cookie booth location will be. How can your friends support you if they don’t know where you’ll be?
  • Stock up on cookies! Remember Thin Mints and Samoas are the two best sellers – make sure you bring extra boxes of those.  You don’t want to run out of cookies!
  • Study the order card and make sure you the key information about each cookie such as Thin Mints are vegan and Toffee-Tastic is gluten-free. Keep an order card handy too in case customers want to know specific nutrition information.
  • Share fun facts about Girl Scout Cookies. Did you know Little Brownie bakes over 4.5 million Thin Mints per day during peak baking times? Woah! Check out more cookie facts.

Special Sales Promotions & Contests
Don’t forget to mention the special sales promotions and contests happening this cookie season.

5 for 5
Buy 5 boxes of cookie and enter a drawing to win 5 cases! That’s 60 boxes of cookies! This is a great way to boost sales. Learn more

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend (NGSCW) Contest ‘A Year of Cookies and Caring’ Golden Ticket Drawing: During NGSCW (Feb. 26 - 28), we will randomly select one name from any 5 for 5 entries received* to win a year of cookies (that's 12 CASES!) to keep and to share. Six cases will go to the Golden Ticket holder, and six will be donated on behalf of the winner to our Gift of Caring Program which provides Girl Scout Cookies to the brave men and women of the U.S. Military both locally and abroad. Complete Rules

Take a #Boothie
Take a selfie (or actually, a #Boothie) when you purchase cookies at a Girl Scout cookie booth from Feb. 19 - Mar. 13 and you could be one of four random winners! Post your #Boothie to your personal Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram page and tag the official GSWCF account along with hastags #Boothie and #loveGScookies to complete your entry*. Check out what you can win and read the complete rules.

GS Cookiegram Challenge
Just take a cool photo or selfie with your favorite Girl Scout Cookie and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #GSCookiegram. Enter every day if you like, but no more than once per 24-hour period. Then rally your crew to vote for your pic for your chance to be one of four winners selected to win a case of your favorite Girl Scout Cookie. The photos with the most votes win! De-lish! Check here for more details


Seriously, this is very, very, very important. If you don’t follow this tip, well, you’re at risk of having a terrible cookie booth experience. Here goes… Above all else, have fun and enjoy your time selling cookies! Yes, you’re running a business but you’re doing it with your friends. Smiles, be silly together and show everyone what Girl Scouts is all about. Draw attention to your booth by singing your favorite Girl Scout songs or make up cookie cheers. If you are having fun, your customers will want to take part in the fun as well. Who knows, you might even inspire other girls to join Girl Scouts too.

Well, that’s all folks. Go off into the wonderful world of cookie booths. Report back and let us know how you do by sending us your stories and pictures. Take pictures and share stories. We love hearing about your Girl Scout experiences.