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The Weekend of a Cookie CEO - Part 2 of 3


We're back with part two of our new blog series highlighting what it's like to be a Cookie CEO! These girls are busy young entrepreneurs who still find time to manage their cookie businesses between school, homework, sports, extracurricular activities, work and spending time with friends and family. How do they find time to do it all? Keep reading to find out...

Girl Scout Cadette Lindsey D.

Friday Evening
Friday night swim practice starts off the weekend.

Saturday Morning
No Saturday swim practice this week. Instead, I’m attending a Saturday morning writing workshop at my school to help me prepare for the FSA test coming up.

All done with the workshop!  Heading home for more to do…

I’m in a musical at the Patel Conservatory so I’m taking some time to study my script.

Saturday Afternoon
I’m not working a booth today, but my parents are cookie parents so I’m helping them sort the cookies and load up the car for our troop’s first cookie booth of the season.

Saturday Late Afternoon
I'm off to rehearsal at the Patel Conservatory!

Sunday Morning
Happy Sunday! I helped get the car loaded for the first booth that I get to work!

Sunday Afternoon
Want to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?

This is me and my BFF Emma. She and I have been friends since we were three years old and we’ve been in Girl Scouts together since we our first year of Daisy’s.

These are some of the other girls in my troop (Lauren, Delaney, me, Julia and Emma) that worked the booth with me.  Some, like Emma, I’ve known a very long time and some I met when just from being in Girl Scouts.

Sunday Evening
We were having so much fun at the booth that one of my troop mates, Julia came over to my house after the booth for dinner and to hang out. 

What fun adventures did you encounter this Girl Scout Cookie season? Share your stories and and photos with us! Who knows? You might be featured in an upcoming blog or on our social media!