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The Weekend of a Cookie CEO - Part 1 of 3


The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-run business in the entire world! Each year, millions of boxes of Girl Scout Cookies are sold to hungry customers looking for a sweet seasonal treat. The best part of all, those boxes are sold and distributed by individual girls and troops from all across the country. What people often forget - these girls are busy young entreprenuers who still find time to manage their cookie businesses between school, homework, sports, extracurricular activities, work and spending time with friends and family. This week, we are highlighting how Girl Scouts can balance it all with a special three part blog series spotlighting different girls from west central Florida during cookie season.

Girl Scout Cadette Miranda B.

Friday Evening
What better way to start off Girl Scout cookie season than a booth with my Girl Scout Troop 490? We need to advertise with pretty posters in order to increase sales! Great sales happened tonight, a perfect way to begin booths.

Featured Fossil Valley Community: Emma, Taylor, and Miranda

Saturday Morning
Off to Tampa YMCA Synchronized Swim practice I go! Even though I started less than a year ago, I love my teammates so much and they always push me. We always have to try our hardest and perservere at practice. Our coaches won’t accept any less of us!

Featured: Coach Lily, Head Coach Camille, Arianna, Kyra, Meghan, Camila, Abby, Julianna, Zoe, Maria, Miranda, and Coach Amanda

Saturday Afternoon & Evening
Have to sort out the cookies from my Pre-Sales. Delivering the cookies is always a great time to catch up with family, especially with three generations of support towards Girl Scouts!
Featured: Miranda, Cousin Kelsey, Aunt Cheryl, and Grammom

Sunday Afternoon
Today, I joined the ADORABLE Daisy Troop 3573. Their farm-themed cookie booth sure had customers “moo-ving” over to buy some of the delicious cookies. I was even able to snap a picture of a customer’s smile while receiving his box of Rah-Rah Raisins!                                     

Featured Fossil Valley Community: Back row- Amy K. (Co-Leader), Carrie S. (Co-Leader), Loydi P. (Co-Leader), Miranda B., and Kristin S. (Leader); front row- Mia, Olivia, Rori, Abigail, Joanelle, Isabella, Hayden, and Gabrielle

Sunday Late Afternoon
While my mom and I made a quick stop at Publix, we noticed a Girl Scout troop at the entrance. Daisy Troop 33314’s booth was just so creative I HAD to take a picture to share it with you all! The decorations definitely helped draw two customers over, and they agreed to have their photo taken with the masterpiece. Working with the younger girls and seeing this booth definitely took me down “Memory Lane” to when I was a little Daisy in costume.Featured Lil Manatee Community: Jaelin, Janae, Madisyn, and Christina (Fun fact: they are two sets of twins!)

What fun adventures did you encounter this Girl Scout Cookie season? Share your stories and and photos with us! Who knows? You might be featured in an upcoming blog or on our social media!