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Her Vision of Tomorrow Update: Executive Summary Report

Her Future Outdoors CONCEPTS2

As we start off 2016, we are happy to share the Executive Summary from Phase 1 of our long range program and properties initiative Her Vision of Tomorrow.  Our Programs and Properties Task Force has done a terrific job compiling and analyzing piles of data, surveys (to both internal and external audiences), research, statistics, projections and trends all into this preliminary report of findings.

Review Executive Summary

We would like to thank everyone who participated in surveys and focus groups early on in the process. As you review the Executive Summary, you will see how the information and feedback you shared collectively had been taken into account. This report also shows statistical data on property usage, member preferences, areas for improvements and opportunities to expand our programs.

We’re excited to see where Her Vision of Tomorrow will take us as we venture into Phase 2 of this initiative. Don’t forget to continue to look for more updates (and further opportunities to be involved) as we work towards our ultimate goal of a final plan in May/June of 2016.