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Getting Your New Troop Outdoors

Wildwood Encampment Dec 14

Are you looking to escape the hustle and bustle for everyday life? Disconnect yourself  from a world of technology?  Breathe in fresh air? It sounds like you need to escape to the great outdoors!

There’s no better time than the new Girl Scout year to start planning your next outdoor adventure. We have lots of new troops this year and we want to make sure you all know how to get outdoors and start having fun… that goes for our returning troops too!

Troop camping and outdoor activities are the cornerstone of Girl Scouting.  Whether you’re looking to spend some time in the water or take a trail ride on horseback, we’ve got a camp for you. Mmmm, we can smell the campfire and s’mores already!

We have seven different properties for you to choose from to plan your troop activities, check out the list below. Each property has their own page on our website detailing the wide variety of unique activities and amenities available for your girls to enjoy. In addition, each page has a direct link to make reservations online.

Adult Learning Opportunities
Before you start planning your troop’s first outdoor experience or overnight camping trip, we have a few adult learning opportunities for troop leaders to complete. We want to make sure you are prepared to take on this new adventure with your girls.

First Aid and CPR events
Get First Aid and CPR certified. We have several upcoming training events to learn the skills and life-saving techniques that are important to know in case of emergency situations.

Stepping Outside Training
Before you venture outdoors, take the Stepping Outside Training course. This course trains groups in camp settings where food and fire is provided and is a prerequisite for the BOLT training session.

BOLT Training
Before you plan your first overnight trip, attend a BOLT training session. Through this course, you will learn about nature and how to give basic outdoor instructions to your troop.

Video Resources
Get your troop excited for their first camping experience with these awesome outdoor videos made especially for troops and leaders. Use these videos to give girls a sense of empowerment in the outdoors, show them how to use natural resources more wisely (including respecting our environment and wildlife), and help them become lifelong stewards of the land and our natural resources.

Next Steps?
Reserve your activity or camping trip with our online Reservation system. If this is your first time using this system, we have a helpful guided tour of the system to get you started. While you’re at it, don’t forget to secure your facilitator.

Need help reserving your camping trip? Not a problem! Contact us:

Did you know all five of the GSWCF camp properties have their own patch?If you collect them all, you can form this patch wheel on your Girl Scout sash or vest!