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Dreaming Big and Setting Goals

MM 2359

After the dust of the holidays in December settles down, we start to look at a new year upon us. One of the things I have done for many, many years is setting annual goals. I’m very deliberate in this process and have even created worksheets for myself to help me reflect and plan.

This is an activity that I like to do with my girls, too. Each year contains valuable lessons, terrific memories, and constant reminders of what we are grateful for, writing these down helps us to learn from them. I also believe in the power of identifying what you want to go after in a year and making a declaration of those things you want to achieve. We have a much better chance at achieving our goals if we know what they are, write them down, and commit to them.

Goal Setting Worksheet

I created a goal planning worksheet for all of you. I hope you find this exercise fun and helpful. When we show our girls the importance of reflecting, learning, and planning for growth…this is where the magic is in succeeding. Then, we can dream big and set our goals to achieve them!

Happy New Year!


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