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Bling Your Girl Scout Vest This Cookie Season


One of the coolest things about being a Girl Scout is earning patches. Your sash or vest is a visual display of all the awesome activities you’ve tried, projects you’ve worked on and adventures you’ve taken. Each patch has a special memory attached. As a Girl Scout, you get to take part in some incredible activities and the patches you earn are a little souvenir to help you remember what you’ve achieved along the way.

One of the best ways to fill up your vest is to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. There are so many different opportunities to earn a bunch of new patches over the next couple of months it might be hard to keep them all straight. We’re making it easy for you by outlining all the awesome new patches you can earn as an individual and with your troop this cookie season. We already know you’re a cookie selling rock star but with these patches everyone else will know it too!

Theme Patch
This year’s cookie theme is Worth Sharing. If you sell 36-249 packages you will receive this sales patch.

Super Seller Patch
Do you have bigger sales goals in mind this cookie season? If you sell 250 or more packages you will receive the Super Seller sales patch.

Gift of Caring Patch
The Gift of Caring is a Girl Scout community service project that provides donated cookies to our active military men and women through Support the Troops, Inc. as well as local veteran local veteran organizations such as VFW posts and VA Hospitals. For various reasons, some customers may not want to buy cookies for themselves. With Gift of Caring, they have a chance to give to others while supporting Girl Scouting at the same time. Girls who sell a minimum of 6 boxes of cookies for the Gift of Caring will earn this patch. Learn more about the Gift of Caring program.

You can also offer corporations an opportunity to participate in the Gift of Caring through sponsorships. Learn more about the Gift of Caring Corporate Sponsorship Levels & Benefits.   

Booth Sales Patch
If you sell 18 or more packages at a cookie booth you will receive the booth sales patch.

Cookies on the Go Patch
The Cookies on the Go patch is for all grade levels! An easy way to have fun while selling cookies is to set up a mobile cookie booth. Mobile means it has the ability to move easily and quickly, so you can decorate and use the family car or van, your own wagon or even carry cookies in a fancy basket. Go places where you can connect with lots of peiople; your neighborhood, parks, beaches, softball games … You get the picture! Your options are endless – be creative!

This is a great way to help increase your individual cookie sales. In order to earn this patch, you must sell at least 24 packages. Please note, this is patch is for individual girls, troops can not earn this patch together. Learn more about the Cookies of the Go patch and requirements for earning it.

Cookie Techie Patch
When you participate in the Digital Cookie program you have the opportunity to earn the Cookie Techie patch. It’s easy and it’s fun! All you have to do is:

  1. Build your Digital Cookie personalized web page.
  2. Using the Digital Cookie program, send at least 10 emails to friends and family requesting a cookie order.
  3. That’s all it takes to earn your patch!

All statistics are collected electronically and there is no paperwork or forms required from you. If you achieve the above requirements the Cookie Techie patch is automatically included with your other earned rewards.

Digital Cookie Badges
In addition, there are Digital Cookie badges available for each Girl Scout level (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassadors). Simply access the Badges tab on the Digital Order Card site and complete the requirements for your level. When you have qualified for the badge, notify your troop leader.

Cookie Rookie Patch
Cookie Chairs and Troop leaders can help new cookie sellers learn the ropes of the cookie program and earn a patch too! It’s simple, just show your troop the Cookie Rookie video available online and participate in two of the activities listed on page 15-16 in Troop Cookie Chair Guide.

Cookie CEO Patch
NEW this year is a program designed specifically for Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassador Girl Scouts.
Daisies and Brownies look up to older girls, so who better to teach them the cookie program ropes than you? Take your years of Girl Scout Cookie Program experience and help younger girls succeed while earning a Cookie CEO patch pin and perhaps some cookie dough, too! Learn more about the requirements.

Goal Getter Patch – Terrific Troop Award
In order to receive the Terrific Troop Award, troops must meet specific requirements while participating in the Girl Scout Cookie program. At the complete of the program, GSWCF product sales department will extract the information from eBudde™ to determine who has achieved the ‘Terrific Troop’ status. If a troop earns this status, all participating girls will receive the Goal Getter patch. Learn more about the Terrific Troop Award and requirements.  

Cookie Rally Patch
Attend a Cookie Rally in your community to earn this Cookie Rally patch. It’s a simple as that!

Bling Your Booth Patch
To receive this patch, your troop must participate in the GSWCF Bling Your Booth Challenge. Decorate your cookie booth incorporating Spring Time theme and/or the 2016 Cookie Mascot – Daisy Belle Cow to promote the Girl Scout Cookie Program in the most creative way possible. Think outside the box and get inventive! To enter the contest, troop leaders will send pictures of their troop’s “blinged out” cookie booth during National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend (Feb. 26-28) to the GSWCF product sales department. Learn more about the Bling Your Booth Challenge, requirements, deadlines and rules.  Don’t forget to enter your troop in GSUSA’s national Bling Your Booth contest this cookie season for a chance to with $250.

But wait there’s more!
Patches aren’t the only things you can earn from selling Girl Scout Cookies. Girls can earn proceeds as a troop or cookie credits as an individual Girl Scout on top of earning really cool rewards. T-shirts, electronics, stuffed animals, summer camp experiences, patches and much more help motivate a girl towards her goals. Check out all of the rewards – There is something for every level!