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How to Build Fearless Girls

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It’s that time of year! New membership year, a new school year is well underway and the busy days of fall are upon us.  It is a time of transition, change, and new adventures.

What I love about the Girl Scout Movement are the essential and powerful skills we develop in girls. One of the most important skills I see daily in our girls is building their confidence. Developing this critical perspective in our girls is accomplished through a many forms and all of these we can do as parents, relatives, friends, and mentors to the girls in our lives.

How do we develop confidence in our girls so they are fearless in their pursuit of their dreams?

We encourage them to take safe risks. There’s really nothing better to build confidence than by giving our girls the support and safe space she needs to take safe risks. Encourage her to step outside of her comfort zone. It is outside of her comfort zone where she will learn and grow. Even if she stumbles, even if she fails, or it doesn’t turn out quite like she thought, the effort she put into the attempt will be full of great life lessons. We need to give our girls the space to lead, to try new things, to learn about the strength they possess.

We can be our girls’ biggest champions and we should do this daily. We should encourage her to go after goals and dreams. There will be things our daughters will want to go after that we know are highly competitive. We should encourage her to put herself out there, to give it her best, and assure her that we will be proud of her regardless of the outcome. This effort builds confidence regardless of the outcome.

We teach her not to fear failure. One of my mentors shared with me that fear is an acronym for “False Expectations Appearing Real”. We need to encourage our girls to not fear failure. We need to teach them that failure is a part of the process and something we all experience in life. We should show her how failure is a learning opportunity that helps us to grow in life. When we teach girls to not fear failure, we have removed one of the biggest obstacles for experiencing great success in life.

I love this new shirt…just be fearless. That is what I want to show my girls each day. To go after everything you want in your life, with all of your heart. I hope you’ll join me in spread this message in support of ALL girls.


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